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    XDefiant is one of the most anticipated games of this year and will be released on May 21. Ubisoft has released some essential patch notes for the preseason. The game’s preseason will last until July 2, after which the first season proper will be released.

    XDefiant Preseason Patch Notes: Gameplay, Social, Fixes, and More

    Echelon Faction and DedSec Spiderbot are back

    He The Echelon faction is back in the game after they were briefly eliminated during the last closed test due to some bugs with their invisibility ability. The issue has now been fixed and players can now use the skill the correct way (via the Digital Ghillie Suit skill). So if you want to play with Sam Fisher and company in XDefiant, now you can.

    He DedSec Spiderbot is also back in the game. This DedSec faction ability allows you to deeply utilize a Spiderbot that targets and stuns the closest enemy by holding on to their faces for a few seconds. There’s no mention of whether they’re buffed or nerfed, but even so, it’s still a useful ability in the game. Additionally, grenades are less likely to fall at your feet if used immediately after respawning. However, this type of incident can still occur.

    Network code changes

    Another important adjustment here is reducing the range between the highest and lowest pings. Through this, players with similar ping are paired. This is particularly beneficial for players who prefer casual mode rather than ranked play.

    Audio improvements

    Several audio improvements have been made to make the game much more immersive and engaging. Issues with killstreak VO lines are also addressed.

    Xbox social issues fixed

    Fixed several issues with Xbox Series Xbox users can now also see their Xbox friends list as their main in-game friends list.

    Localization and various corrections

    Fixed localization issues in Ubisoft Connect on consoles. Additionally, other issues such as crashes when accessing the loadout menu and misaligned HUD elements on the PS5 have also been fixed. Finally, the Chat Language filter has also been updated.

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