Xbox is introducing audio clipping to combat Call of Duty toxicity.


    There’s no denying that gaming is toxic, or that a vocal minority of players often cross the lines of smack talk and mind games and turn their words into verbal attacks.

    Unfortunately, this happens more than we know, and in highly competitive online multiplayer titles, in particular, abuse and harassment are quite common.

    But in an effort to combat toxicity and provide a safer space for gamers, Xbox is now introducing an audio report system that will clip in-game voice communications and manually review them.

    Xbox reveals audio clipping to reduce gaming toxicity

    Games like Overwatch And brave have already added audio clipping to combat toxicity in their titles, but games like Call of Duty Players are still at large with crossing the line.

    Now, Xbox is going one step further by allowing Xbox users to clip “inappropriate audio activity on any multiplayer game with in-game audio.”

    The new feature will work exactly the same way Game Clipping works, where you’ll be able to capture the last 60 seconds of audio in a game and then submit it within the next 24 hours to officially file a report.

    As of now, the feature will be available to Xbox players in English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

    Of course, this begs the question of whether Xbox is listening to us all the time, given that all your audio is now being recorded, though the company reiterates that it isn’t.

    Xbox calls for ‘alley ship’ with new features report

    Click to enlarge.

    Microsoft is also asking more people to report inappropriate language, even if it’s not directed at you, asking that we be allies in protecting players.

    “Each of us has an important role to play in our community – and I encourage everyone from seasoned competitors to first-time players to stand up for each other, be active allies and report any experiences of toxicity. I am asking for

    “We can’t be on the receiving end of bad behavior; we must do the right thing, have compassion for our fellow players, and build a safer and more inclusive community together.”

    So, next time your random Call of Duty If the opponent is shooting slurs in the voice chat, you will be able to stop them and clear the lobbies.


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