Vanellope, new challenges, and more


    Disney Dream Light Valley has teased yet another update, this time the DreamSnaps update which is set to bring with it a roster of new challenges to earn extra Moonstones and more.

    most interestingly, Disney Dream Light Valley The DreamSnaps update will introduce Vanellope von Schweetz, a fan-favorite racing star, to the Valley. Rick it Ralph.

    To learn more about the DreamSnaps update and everything new to come the gameread here.

    When is Vanellope releasing in Disney Dream Valley of Light?

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    During the 2023 Content Roadmap blog post, Vanellope was confirmed as a new character addition, due to arrive in Summer update. As of writing, Gameloft has not set a specific release date. But it has been confirmed that Vanellope will be among the inhabitants of the valley. This summer 2023With a new DreamSnaps creative challenge.

    gave Rick it Ralph The universe has long been torn apart from within. Disney Dream Light Valley, Currently there is an abundance of sweet themed furniture and clothing items that rotate through Scrooge McDuck’s store daily. As such, fans have been speculating on one for some time now. Rick it Ralph appearance

    In a recent tweetGameloft teased Vanellope with a new feature of her cute themed house, racing car and waterfall.

    It’s the first major character drop since June’s big update to remember and comes just before the September update that’s supposed to bring Belle here. Beautiful girl and beast in Game

    Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps Update: New ways to get Moonstones

    A screenshot of Disney Dream Valley of Light showing a blue moonstone daily reward chest.

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    One criticism many players have is that there aren’t enough ways to get Moonstones. Disney Dream Light Valley. Besides buying premium currency with real-life cash, you can currently only earn 50 Moonstones a day by opening blue chests.

    With the DreamSnaps update, Gameloft is trying to accommodate this. The update will bring a new creative feature where players can compete for prizes.

    Players participating in the new challenge can earn At least 300 moonstones per week, Additional Moonstones are available depending on your rank in the challenge.

    You can also earn an extra. 50 Moonstones per week By voting For your favorite participants.

    gave Disney Dream Light Valley The team did not reveal more details about what DreamSnaps will feature, as of writing. However, speculation about the name with an emphasis on creativity has led many players to believe that it will be an image contest. Check back here for more details as they drop!

    If you’re excited to get caught up in the second round. Disney Dream Light Valley quests, check our Disney Dream Light Valley Here at GGRecon, the page is full of tips, tricks and news.

    We also have a guide to resetting this week’s Disney Dream Light Valley Shop, including the best ways to craft moonstones in the game.


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