Wuthering Waves unveils global launch and exclusive new trailer

    • Wuthering Waves has unveiled its global launch date of May 22nd.
    • An exclusive reveal trailer and live stream showed the launch, and pre-install a day earlier
    • You have less time to pre-register for a new Kuro Games title!

    Wuthering Waves, the upcoming title from Kuro Games, will launch on May 22 at 07:00 (PT) with a pre-install on May 21 at 03:00 (PT). This gives you a limited window of opportunity to pre-register, and if you’re not sure if Wuthering Waves is for you, Kuro has released an exclusive new launch trailer to prove it. has released what to expect, as well as a live stream. Access to a whole host of pre-registration rewards.

    Casting itself as a contender in the rapidly expanding story-driven gacha game genre, Wuthering Waves puts you in the shoes of a typical blank slate named Rover, and introduces you to a vast roster of Resonators. Makes a team together. Set in a metaphysical future you’ll explore a world where humanity is just beginning to rebuild and faces the threat of both monsters and ancient lost technology.

    Season of waves

    Ever since games like Genshin Impact became popular, we’ve seen an explosion of narrative-driven gacha games. These titles try to marry your typical slot machine style roster building with genuinely interesting plots to mixed results. While some may lament that these stories aren’t making their way into games with more traditional genres and releases, we can’t deny that putting more effort into gacha titles is at least to some extent. So happy.

    If you want to pre-register, you’ll be happy to know that all current milestones have already been reached, meaning players who log in for the first time at launch get access to many exclusive new resources. , such as Lustrous Tide, Asterite and Shell Credits, among others. Be sure to pre-register before the official launch on May 22nd at 07:00 (PT)!

    And if you want to see what else is coming, be sure to check out our second list of the most anticipated mobile games of 2024 to see what else is in store this year!


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