Shoot Wall Simulator Codes (May 2024)


    Updated May 20, 2024 – Added a new code.

    Shootwall Simulator receives new codes regularly, and they give you rewards like potions, which help you progress in the game. This guide looks at all the work. Shoot the Wall Simulator Codes Currently enabled for free items within this particular Roblox experience.

    We also have a list of codes for several other popular Roblox experiences, and they can be quite valuable to you if you play them. For example, you can check out Project New World, Evade Codes, and Dragon Warrior Simulator Codes.

    Activation Codes for Shoot Wall Simulator

    • Firefighter – 30 Gems
    • The doctor – 2 potions
    • The constellation –.Bridge n
    • TNT – 2 TNT
    • Season 6 – Harmful potions
    • Christmas – Harmful potions
    • the hunter – 30 Gems
    • to cast spells – 30 Gems
    • Pomini – 30 Gems
    • AURA – 30 Gems
    • Halloween – 30 Gems
    • too big –. Medicines
    • giant –. Medicines
    • Season Boost – Win potions.
    • the crown –. Medicines
    • Camera –. Medicines
    • M0del86 –. Medicines
    • to fight: 3x 30 minute damage potions
    • the boss: 3x 30 minute win potions
    • 100KMembers: 3x 30 minute lucky potions
    • 500KV: 3x 30 minute win potions
    • 250KV: 2x 5 minute damage potions
    • 100KV: Free 100k Special Scionate Pet
    • 10KFaves: 2x 30 minute damage potions
    • 10 km member: 2x 30 minute winning potions
    • 1KLikes: 5x 5 minute damage potions
    • 2.5M views: 7×5 minute Lucky Potions
    • 1MVisits: 5x 5 minute damage potions
    • 2.5KMembers: 2x 30 minute lucky potions
    • 2KMembers: 2x 5 minute damage potions
    • Chef: 2x 30 minute winning potions
    • Pets: Free pets
    • race: 2x 30 minute lucky potions
    • Robot: 2x 30 minute damage potions
    • Summer: 4x 5 minute winning potions
    • Trade: 2x 30 minute damage potions

    List of expired codes

    There are no expiring codes for Shoot Wall Simulator, and you can use all the codes listed above to get the corresponding freebies.

    Steps to use Shootwall Simulator Codes

    Overall, the process of redeeming codes in Shootwall Simulator is straightforward. However, you can follow these instructions to claim rewards in case of any confusion:

    • Step 1: Once you access Shootwall Simulator, select the Codes option next to Settings.
    • Step 2: A new dialog box will appear on the screen where you can enter one code at a time in the Enter Code field.
    • Step 3: Press the submit button to redeem the code.

    In case of successful redemption you will get immediate benefits. Meanwhile, if the code is incorrect then an error will appear after clicking the submit option.

    Original article by Nishant Thakur, updated by Sumant Meena.


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