WoW Fury Embodied Overview: Night Elf Legacy Armor, Waves of Dreams, and More


    Fresh off the release of World of Warcraft patch 10.0.5, Blizzard has already announced the upcoming content update. Nicknamed Fury Incarnate, the WoW next update it will bring the long-awaited Night Elf Heritage armor along with a few other things.

    When does the Night Elf Heritage armor come out in WoW?

    One of the original races of World of Warcraft, the night elf, is finally getting a Heritage armor set that will give the race a whole new look. Joining them are the Forsaken, so fans of both races will have a new set to look forward to. The most recent Heritage Armor quests arrived in the 10.0.7 Forbidden Reach content update, giving a new look to the Human and Orc races.

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    This will be released in the fall with the Fury Incarnate update. There’s currently no release date given, but considering 10.0.5 was released on July 11, it’s likely still a few months away.

    What events are coming in the Fury Incarnate WoW update?

    Image via Blizzard

    A content update usually brings new things to do, and the Fury Incarnate update will be no different. Public events called Dreamsurges are coming to Dragon Isles, and completing them will potentially reward you with new gear. Finally, we have the Dawn of Infinity Mega Dungeon getting a Heroic Difficulty.

    It will eventually split into two parts and be added to the Mythic+ pool of dungeons in Season 3, but we’ll be testing Heroic before that happens. We also look forward to additional story missions and festive events around this time.

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