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    It’s been a long time since Valve released any new content for Team Fortress 2 or popularly known as TF2. In the new Summer 2023 update, the developers added 14 new maps to the base game. These are all community developed maps by various creators that are now being integrated into the base game. While the addition of these maps is good for player engagement, many players are finding it difficult to win on the newly added maps, mainly due to incorrect team composition. So, if you are a user who constantly hits a hard time on new maps, please read our agent composition below and adapt it to your game.

    All New Maps in Team Fortress 2 – Summer 2023 Update

    You can find all the new maps in the list below.

    • Shark Bay
    • Roundabout
    • Phoenix
    • Boxes
    • Venice
    • Calculator
    • Sulfur
    • Hardwood
    • pelican beak
    • selbyen
    • VSH Tiny Rock
    • VSH Distillery
    • VSH Skirmish
    • VSH core

    Best team composition for each map

    Shark Bay

    SharkBay is a KOTH (King of the Hill) map. Since the control of the area is at the top of the ship, which is a narrow area, characters like pyro and Engineer It can help you acquire the middle part. Along with that, you can also use agents like Soldiers and Scouts to input pushback damage.


    Another KOTH that appears along with Sharkbay is Rotunda. Unlike Sharbay, the entire map is within a closed area, so meta picks like Demoman won’t be effective. stick with something like Doctor, Engineer, pyroand Heavy to take the checkpoint. Make sure your Medic keeps healing your Heavy or Engineer to fight. Send some Scouts to flank in the area of ​​the wooden ramps.


    At first glance, Phoenix will seem like an altered version of the most popular Gold Rush map. Like Gold Rush, Phoenix also contains various elevated positions in the form of buildings and containers for combat. Any traditional character that works in Gold Rush, such as To spy, Sniper, Explore, Doctor, Heavyand Demonstration, it will help you to capture the payload and push it all the way. Remember to watch out for scouts or soldiers that flank behind your blind spot and take out your team.


    Cashworks is a unique map in Team Fortress 2 due to its vertical level design approach. As a result, characters like Spy or Snipers in payload scenarios may not work due to downward line of sight. Instead, agents like Heavy, pyro, and Demonstration will be the main priority of his AOE-type attack. Have a medic stand behind these people and push the payload slowly.


    Venice is an urban-style payload map with many elevated areas suitable for sniper attacks and AOE-type spam. So keep a Sniper and AOE type characters like Demonstration and soldiers on your team to use these positions. Use an Engineer or a Heavy along with a Medic to push the payload. Also, tell one of your teammates to play as Scout or Spy as the map is long and you have to flank a lot to keep the enemy on the reset loop.


    Reckoner is a 5CP default Competitive Playmode map that will appear in the current update. It is quite an open map with most of the combat section outside and some closed places inside. Any good competitive 6v6 roster character like a Doctor, Demonstration, soldiersand explorers it would help capture points and win games. For indoor participation, use something like a Engineer to maintain the flanking points used by the opponent Explorers.


    Sulfur is an indoor based CP map in TF2. The architecture and buildings on the map look very much inspired by Japanese Minka-style houses. Since the map is mostly indoor, it contains characters like Engineer, pyroeither Heavy may be favored along with a Medic. agents like Explore it can also cause a threat if you have mastered the art of getting in and out of a site quickly.


    The hardwood looks like a sectional piece straight out of the Alan Awake franchise. The map has a spooky feel with a rural setting. About the layout, the map has the same number of closed and open areas. Characters who excel in close, long-range combat, such as Heavy, demon manand soldiers, are viable picks on the map. Also, you can play the role of Spy wonderfully if you understand the concept of aggressive trading.

    pelican beak

    Pelican Peak closely resembles the design and layout of Hardwood’s previous map. This CTF map has several elevated positions, making it very suitable for characters who can engage in long-range battles, such as snipers, soldiersand demon man. To capture flags, use agents like pyro either Heavy with a Doctor.


    One of the most underrated game modes, Player Destruction, gets a map in the form of Selbyen. Since the gameplay relies heavily on fast-past characters, Scout is a must-choice for picking up dropped items and depositing them in the bins. Also, the map has many small buildings, which can be ideal camping spots for engineers and Heavy to counter the Scouts going here and there.

    VSH – Tiny Rock, Distillery, Skirmish and Core

    The newest game mode that debuted within TF2 in the Summer 2023 update is the VSH or VS Saxton Hale mode. Upon entering the game mode, the server randomly selects one person as Saxton Hale and the remaining players as soldiers for Gray Mann’s NPC. The main objective is to kill the player disguised as Saxton Hale. Since it is a hide and seek style game mode. fast agents like Explore, soldiers, To spyand Doctor can excel on all four maps.

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