World of Horror Blue Gem Riddle – How to Solve


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    I was pleasantly surprised to find a special secret ending in a game with many secret endings. To get the Mira achievement, you must solve the Blue Gem puzzle in World of Horror.

    How to get the Mira achievement in World of Horror

    The special super secret ending is not related to investigating the mysteries, so you should be able to find it during any run. You need to have the Blue Gem in your inventory. If you don’t know where to find it, just scroll down where we show you the exact location.

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    If you already have the gem in your inventory, you can advance by going to Seaside and investigating there. You’ll need to continue investigating Seaside until you reach event #40, the ‘Lighthouse Rumor’.

    Getting this and the following events is a great combination of strategy and luck. Some of you will probably get this event on the first few tries, while I had to debate my own demonic possession in hopes of finally seeing it.

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    Now you are going to do exactly the same at school. Keep investigating and try to stay alive until you reach event #56, ‘Empty Corridor (or Not?)’. That face clearly says it’s not, so I wouldn’t venture there.

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    The final location is the Forest, where you will once again continue investigating until a particular event occurs. This time keep an eye out for event #57, “Strange Lights.”

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    Now this event is real: the Blue Gem is reacting and you are enveloped in a beam of light before being lifted into the air and kidnapped by dogs? Aliens? Alien dogs? Whatever the answer, don’t be fooled by their friendly faces, because the final screen indicates that you have died after being abducted by aliens.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Where to find the blue gem in World of Horror

    First, you must go to the center (1) to the store (2). And yes, that is a dog selling items.

    While you’re there, you can purchase a random discounted item from the bottom of the list of available items. If you’re lucky, this will be the Blue Gem that will help you solve the Mira achievement.

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