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    I am very excited to announce that Halloween has arrived Adopt me!, and with it has come a new island aesthetic, limited-time-only pets (all scared for the occasion), and, of course, some fun and engaging mini-games! This year, players can participate in three different mini-games, Tile Skip, Chickatrice Says, and Spooky Shuffle, which can be accessed by entering the spooky Asylum building located on Adoption Island.

    How to find the Asylum in Adopt Me!

    To explore the Asylum, we must first head to Adoption Island. To do this, leave your house and locate the big red arrow that says Exit—Approaching this arrow will take you to the entrance to Adoption Island. If you have the Premium Plots game pass, you will already appear on Adoption Island from the beginning.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Walking into the white void in front of you, you will automatically be teleported to Adoption Island. Spread across Adoption Island are multiple buildings, houses, and parks, all of which serve a unique purpose. One of these buildings, the Asylum, can be found across the standard-looking gray bridge between the doctor’s office and the pet store.

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    Screenshot of pro game guides
    Screenshot of pro game guides


    That’s it, you found the Asylum! Upon entering the main door of the building, you will be taken to its large hall. In this room, you can purchase limited-time Halloween pets, items, and accessories, and even play exclusive Halloween mini-games.

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