Witchfire’s big ‘Ghost Galleon’ update adds new classes, enemies, weapons, and more.


    Witchfire’s big “Ghost Galleon” update is now live and brings with it new classes, enemies, weapons, spells and more. The Astronauts, the team behind Witchfire, say that today’s update is the “first major” patch for the game, which is why it contains so much additional content.

    Along with new classes, enemies, weapons, and spells, the Ghost Galleon update also adds new events to participate in, a shop vendor that offers new items, and more features for players to explore. This update, like the game itself, is available now on PC on the Epic Games Store.

    To go along with today’s news, The Astronauts have released a new Witchfire trailer showing what you can expect:

    “In addition to the new features available in today’s patch, the Astronaut team has implemented Witchfire’s surface development and careful redesign of Calamity Systems, based on Early Access feedback,” reads a press release. “Players will start the game with soul-style classes, which will boost certain stats and unique gear.

    Astronauts say that a new feature called Gnosis will allow players to slightly overlevel without a corresponding increase in enemy difficulty. Gnosis represents players’ knowledge of dark magic, the team says, and as this magical knowledge expands, “players gain power and uncover hidden paths and events in the game.” The Ghost Galleon update also adds a disaster meter to the HUD, which shows players what actions they take to make disasters more likely.

    Here are some screenshots of the Ghost Galleon update:

    Here’s a rundown of everything available in today’s Ghost Galleon update.:

    • 3 new disasters (including Ghost Galleon)
    • New Activity: Vault Raid
    • 6 new classes
    • 5 new weapons
    • 4 new spells (plus 4 newly designed spells)
    • New shopkeeper
    • 7 new magic items (fetish, ring, relic)
    • 10 new or different enemies
    • 5 new events
    • 6 new traps
    • Redesigning Disaster
    • Gnostic Knowledge and Level Development
    • Quality of life updates and bug fixes

    For a more detailed breakdown of everything new, Check out the Ghost Galleon patch notes here..

    Witchfire entered early access in September. It is expected to reach 1.0 this year.

    Have you been checking out Witchfire’s Ghost Galleon update today? Let us know in the comments below!


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