All the vehicles in A Dusty Trip and how to get them


    In A Dusty Trip, the game has different types of cars, from cars to off-road vehicles. So if you want to acquire and drive every one of them in the game, here’s a guide on all the vehicles in A Dusty Trip and how to get them.

    Every Vehicle on a Dusty Journey – Roblox

    There are currently six vehicles in the game and you can acquire and repair them using the indicated methods.

    Sedan car (Lada Riva)

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    Your journey begins with the default vehicle, a trustworthy car. It’s parked right in front of you initial house, ready to be brought back to life. To fix the car, use the following fix.

    Four wheels >Engine (inside the hood) > Radiator > doors > Fuel

    Please keep the same procedure; Attach each piece individually according to instructions. After refueling, press the R button to start the engine and get started.

    Van (Raf Letvija)

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    Opting for a van is the best solution if you are traveling in a group or in a group. Like the car, the Van is also available in the version initial building. Go to the back of the started building to find the van and fix it using the following pieces.

    Four wheels > Engine (under gear lever) > Radiator > doors > Fuels

    Once repaired, start the engine and begin your epic journey. Therefore, use it only if you want a larger inventory space to carry the treasures of your adventure.

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    The truck is not a free item in A Dusty Trip. Instead, it is a premium item available after purchasing the battle pass. Once purchased, you can find the truck next to the van in the starting building. Fix the Truck using the accessories available for the Van.

    Four wheels > Engine (under the hood) > Radiator > doors > Fuels


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    The Quadbike ATV is a premium vehicle that can be purchased for 799 Robux from the central server lobby. After purchasing it, you can find the ATV near the main road outside the initial building. To start driving, place the Quad Engine under the front seat and a radiator in the front.

    I suggest not using an ATV. Due to its lack of doors, it is useless for protecting against events such as sandstorms, thunderstorms, and vehicles. Therefore, opt for a car or van instead of an all-terrain vehicle if you want to travel long distances.


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    The bikes are not currently available in the game, but it is rumored that they will be free to ride in the Bikers Gang area. It only needs an ATV engine and radiator to run. We will add more information about Motos after the launch.

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