Witcher 3 magic lamp riddle solution


    Keira Metz and Geralt’s relationship can be further deepened by completing the Magic Lamp side quest, which is available by completing the Wandering in the Dark main quest. The two enter a room in the elven ruins, where they find four statues and a riddle. Here, Keira will read the following riddle:

    “Four guardians, four flames, proud in a line / The First to light his fire dared not march to the end / The Second, next to the First, played a pitiful lament / The Third stood close to his faithful beast / The Fourth he did not march beside the First, yet like the Second they played a tune. / And so they stood over their queen, who slept under flickering stars.”

    How to solve the magic lamp riddle in Witcher 3

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    The solution is to light up each statue starting from the right and once they are lit a door will open revealing a magic lamp. The exact order of the lights is as follows:

    1. Turn on the guardian to the right of the arch.
    2. Turn on the guardian to the left of the arch.
    3. Power up the guardian on the far right.
    4. Power up the guardian on the far left.

    It is important that each of the lamps is turned on in this exact order or else the door will not open. Once Keira has claimed the Magic Lamp, you can both leave the ruins. Completing this side quest helps build a close relationship between Keira and Geralt that can later develop into a romance. This particular side quest is an important part of your relationship and should not be overlooked when playing the game.

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