The game Tin Hearts has been playing for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5


    Wired Productions and developer Rogue Sun confirmed Thursday (22) that Tin Hearts is a puzzle game, and will be released on April 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X |S, and PC. The puzzle is a tin soldier who must solve the whole world of fantasy. That subtle touch of it Takes two also indisputables with the production. Check out the trailer.

    With more than 40 levels constructed of the greatest puzzles and an interesting story based on the work of Albert J. Butterworth, you’ll have to discover different ways to overcome the challenges and escape from toy shops. Players can also unlock a range of weapons, from wooden blocks to toy trains. It seems that the experience is so fun!

    Find out more about what her heart is like.

    Guide a soldier, mischievous tin soldiers through a magic toy world using a diverse and clever contraptions to lead themselves through their goals.

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    Follow the four hundred levels and solve the ten soldiers puzzles. You create new paths for your toys to move forward, and solve an even more elaborate puzzle to unravel the unique and thought-provoking story created by Albert J. Butterworth, the genius inventor of the times in the Victorians.



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