Witcher 3 Enemy Upscaling, Explained



    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a massive open world RPG filled with quests, wizards to romance, and monsters to fight. CD Projekt Red has released the next-gen update, which adds several graphical improvements and new content inspired by Netflix’s Witcher series. The Witcher 3 has the option to enable enemy buffing, and this guide will explain what is enemy buffing in Witcher 3.

    Witcher 3 Enemy Upscaling, Explained

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    Enemy upgrade is an option included in the game options that increase the level of lower level enemies to match Geralt’s level. Enemies that have a higher level than Geralt will not be affected by this change. The buff feature also affects the level of loot these enemies give Geralt, which will also match Geralt’s level.

    Enemy buffing can be enabled in the start menu; select Options, Gameplay and scroll down to enemy upgrade. The option can be turned on and off at any time; however, you must recharge the area before the enemy levels adjust.

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    Should I enable Enemy Upscaling in Witcher 3?

    The short answer is Yeah. There are several benefits to enabling the enemy buff. The loot level that drops for Geralt will always be useful. Geralt will receive additional experience from defeating enemies, allowing him to level up faster.

    The downside of upgrading enemies is that it can make the game significantly more difficult, especially on death march difficulty, as every encounter with an enemy will be a challenge for Geralt. Whether you enjoy the constant challenge depends on your tastes. Since you can disable the enemy buff at any time, we recommend trying the buffs mentioned above.

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