Wisdom Gaming With its Attractive Technology It turns into a home of T-Wolves Gaming



    Wisdom Gaming announced a new partnership with the Minnesota Timberwolves over their Mall of America gaming space. The deal will form the new esports deal between the two companies. The studios will become the home of T-Wolves Gaming, the official esports group of the NBA team. Part of the partnership includes the T-Wolves helping build their new facility at Wisdom Gaming Studios and ultimately help bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports more than it has now been when a professional team worked with an esports company outside the traditional sponsorship model.

    There will be other opportunities for them to work together beyond sharing one space, so no one can expect to see this in the City Hall. If they don’t do that, the chance is missed. Here are a few quotes from both sides. The T-Wolves will begin building out their new space in the Wisdom Gaming Studios ahead of the NBA 2K season 2023. These will be their home for operations with exclusive merch in the Wisdom store, Side Quest.

    Credit: Wisdom Gaming

    “We’re excited to partner with T-Wolves Gaming and establish their new home at Wisdom GamingStudios,” said Steve LaCroix, President of Wisdom Gaming. “The connection between professional sports and esports is only getting stronger, and we’re excited to get stronger in the trade”

    “Being part of Wisdom Gaming and having access to his industry knowledge and experience allows us to expand as we navigate the esports and gaming space,” said Justin Butler, chief of staff at T-Wolves Gaming and senior Vice President of Technology at the Minnesota Terriers’ and Lynx. “We’re excited about the future of T-Wolves Gaming and professional esports,” said Tom.



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