Will Lords of the Fallen have difficulty settings or easy mode?


    Lords of the Fallen is just around the corner, and many fans may be wondering if the game Will feature an easy mode, or any difficulty settings for that matter.

    The Soulslike genre has become increasingly popular over the last ten years, and continues to grow in popularity in the mainstream – but there is one major criticism of it, and that is the lack of difficulty options available. .

    So if you’re looking to dive into Lords of the Fallen post-launch, below we’ll take a look at whether or not this will follow suit, or if this reboot will buck the trend and make the game easier. will allow to play from

    Will Lords of the Fallen have an easy mode?

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    In which may not come as a surprise to veterans of topics such as soul, Lords of the Fallen will not have an easy mode. When it starts this year.

    This means that those who may prefer more of a narrative experience (eg the easier difficulties found in Baldur’s Gate 3) may feel a bit left out from the start.

    Will there be a difficult setting in Lords of the Fallen?

    Okay, so we know there won’t be an easy mode in Lords of the Fallen, but Lords of the Fallen will not be featured either. anyone Hard settings at allcontinuing the trend of the brutally challenging genre.

    This same debate often comes up when new Soulslike games are released, including most recently with Lies of P, and famously with last year’s Elden Ring. For now, you’ll just have to roll up your sleeves and get ready to jump back into the game while taking on his enemies.

    So, all you need to know is whether Lords of the Fallen will offer an easy mode or other hard settings after its launch.

    If you can’t wait for the release of Lords of the Fallen, check out our Game preview Or our hub that explains all the details about the Lords of the Fallen reboot.


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