Warzone fans clamor for nerfs for new ‘Groot’ skin


    It’s a worrying trend that Call of Duty has had its share of invisible skins over the past four years, with Rose’s legacy still being carried over into Modern Warfare 3 and beyond.

    But this latest skin, released in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, has blown fans away, being almost impossible to spot – akin to someone with a permanently popped active camo upgrade.

    The new Warzone Gaia skin, or Groot as it’s known to most players, is causing absolute chaos. It means fans want the invisible.”Pay to win” The dress immediately panicked.

    Warzone and MW2’s new ‘Groot’ skin is the most stealthy skin yet.

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    In recent weeks, Call of Duty has owned up to the fact that it’s making more stealth skins, as it’s made a defunct Valyria skeleton to launch. But what the team didn’t quite prepare for was the tree-based skin of Gaia being so transparent.

    The new tree-inspired skin is made of intertwined vines and twigs, with an emerald glow from its body. However, its light isn’t easy to see, and for the most part, brown skin blends into any and all objects, bushes, and walls.

    The Gaia skin has quickly angered Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 players who struggle to see it, with a growing number of gamers requesting that it be stopped.

    Call of Duty players call for end to Gaia skin

    With this issue arising, the players have resorted to social media.Where is Wally?“Tribute game with Gaia. Former Call of Duty League professional Chris”.Parasitic” Duarte showcased his version on Twitter, as fans wondered where the character was in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Match.

    Reddit also called the skin “InsultsAnd it completely desecrates the pay-to-win line, which Call of Duty often toys with. Now, they’re requesting that a fix be added, made more visible to players, or removed from ranked playlists entirely.

    Activation: Make this skin shiny or at least banned from ranked play. It is the opposite of competitive.” said one Redditor.”Just make the glowing part inside it brighter so that you can keep it transparent but it still lights up like a Christmas tree.Another fan added on Twitter.

    This token’s previous skins have been scrapped, replaced by the LA Thieves CDL bundle almost immediately, and fans now want Groot/Gaia to face similar action.


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