Why is Diablo 4 down? How to check server status


    Diablo IV is the most social entry in the series, with numerous ways to play multiplayer. Part of this is due to the always-online nature, but a downside is the dependence on an internet connection and servers being up. Nothing bothers me more than trying to play Diablo IV and finding out the servers are down. Fortunately, you can check before logging in whether the Diablo IV servers are working or not; that is how.

    How to check the Diablo IV server status?

    You have numerous options to check the Diablo IV server status. There are official methods, such as social media platforms and Blizzard support, but there are also unofficial means. I recommend keeping some of these as favorites, as they can keep you up to date on the Diablo IV server status. Here’s how to check if Diablo IV servers are down.

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    Why are Diablo IV servers down?

    Diablo IV servers may be down for a variety of reasons. Most likely, the servers have been removed for an update or patch. Blizzard usually announces when this happens to let players know. Another reason is that too many players may try to log in at once, causing the servers to be overwhelmed. A case like this can occur when a major update drops.

    Occasionally, other issues can cause Diablo IV servers to be down. An example of this is the delayed release of Diablo IV’s Season of Blood. With things like this, it may take some time for the servers to restore. Until they are, you won’t be able to play Diablo IV as it requires an online connection, even if you want to play alone.

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