How to fix Roblox error ‘could not remove costume’


    Roblox has many costumes to choose from and you can save your favorites for easy access. But sometimes, you may come across a strange error that prevents you from deleting a saved set. The error says, “disguise could not be removed” which can be very frustrating if you want to save a new costume and get rid of an old one. But don’t worry, I have a solution to fix the “could not remove costume” error in Roblox.

    Roblox ‘failed to remove costume’ error fix

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    The easiest way to solve the “could not remove costume” issue in Roblox is Rename the costume you want to delete before deleting it from saved outfits. Here is a detailed summary of the steps to change the name of costumes in Roblox:

    1. Go to the “Avatar” section of the Roblox website and click “Create” to open the Avatar Editor.
    2. Select the costume you want to rename from the list of saved outfits.
    3. Click on the gear icon located at the bottom right of the outfit to open the options.
    4. Select “Rename” from the options.
    5. Enter the new costume name and click “Save.”

    Keep in mind: You can’t change the name of costumes in the Roblox mobile app, but you can do so on the website using a mobile browser.

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    Once you rename the costume, you should be able to delete it from your saved section. If you’re playing Roblox games on a Chromebook, I highly recommend going to Roblox desktop, where you can see your costume with a toggle button that looks like the settings icon. After clicking on it, hit the “refresh” option and you should be able to delete it.

    As of now, only a few players are getting the “could not remove costume” error, so it’s not a widespread issue. But if you are the one suffering from it, make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly to get rid of this problem.

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