Who made Naughty Dog: Creating The Last of Us gives the popularity of their favorite movies of 2022, but also surprise them



    In the end, the creators of the Last of Us reveal their favorite pth, 2022, hits, but also surprises.

    The publication on the 23/12/2022 was at 15 o’clock.

    After two months of full re-release, the year 2022 has just finished. At the beginning of New Years Eve, Naughty Dog shares his favorite list of 2022 games with us. We mostly remember big names such as Elden Ring or The Lord of War Ragnarok, but also some surprises that haven’t been noted yet.

    20,22, another great year for video games.

    Two days before the new year has passed since 2022, now the movie release I’ve been entitled to. Recent year, big studios took over from FromSoftware in which it exploded with the hit Elder Ring. The first open world of Japan’s famous Japanese studio will remain certainly the first game the largest player in the year.

    Together with Elden Ring, the other major release of 2022 was, too, the god of war: Ragnarok. In the sequel to the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, fans of the god of war fought to win over the god of war before introducing a fierce duel against Elden Ring earlier this month at The Game Awards. Among the two titans, the major competition won at the ceremony on December 8th.

    But 2022 will have had its share of indie nuggets, such as SIFU, TUNIC, Neon White or Straythe cyberpunk with a cute little cat. The excellent games haven’t failed to transform the video-game community, like the Naughty Dog studio members. The creators of The Last of Us and Uncharted have just given us their favorite titles of the year.

    Naughty Dog wishes happy holidays to you.

    Various members of the Naughty Dogs took a look at the games they enjoyed at the most, fascinated and entertained them all through 2022. If the majority of titles selected by the studio are not really surprising, there are still unuspected ones on this list. Among the game planned, we’re sure to find Elden Ring first. The developers say that among the biggest projects of the year, they both mention Ragnarok and Horizon : Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7.

    The list is quite eclectic, and does not include titles that fare from studio productions and classic AAAs, such as Valuing and the competitive FPS of Riot Games. Besides, we relives the very top tier of the independent scene like Stray or SIFU, and also OlliOlli Worlda very nice 2D-3D skateboard game, or even RollerDromea rather fun mix of rollerblading and shooter.

    On the side of it, we’re amazed at the presence of Spidershot fans on this list, but also on the side of it. Alarmed, a Survival-horror in pixel art that had visibly conquered the studio. Finally, Naughty Dog also quotes very confidential with Blooma One-bit game available only on Playdate, a portable console. If you haven’t finished an end to the year, this list should help you. The studio ended by wishing everybody in the industry, from developers to gamers, happy holidays.

    Before we say goodbye to this year, I would like to thank the developers who created such extraordinary games. Thank you, all fans, for the continuous support that you provided us throughout the year. We can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things coming in 2023. The tyre is gone.

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