Overwatch 2 Guide to play Jerminh’s Queen, Brigitte, Junkrat, Cassidy and Echo


    The Junker Queen was added as the second-largest tank before Ramattra, and his kit isinteresting. Her pistol’s action can be achieved by pumping, Scattergun, and Commanding Shout, while increasing movement speed. She can also use Jagged Blade, which puts enemies for a period of time with wounds that are credited to her. It may be thrown and should be remembered, so when it gets stuck in the enemy, and then they will be pulled up.

    Her axe, Carnage, knocks enemies on front and puts off wounds, while Rampage knocks them off. She uses antiheal vapors and makes off wounds.

    All in all, an entire world is being planned with her kit. But unfortunately, even after buffs, Junker Queen is not very good now. If you take her knife off and remember it, it will pass through any enemies of your path, and thus, more healing takes longer. However, in trying to eliminate Roadhogs, its damage doesn’t matter, as well as D.Va and Zarya. The power of Rallye’s and Doomfist, the damage mitigation of Reinhardt and Orisa, or the sheer utility of Sigma or the single-shot kills potential of Roadhog.

    It doesn’t help not only her anti-heal and wounds, but also her anti-heal is also whipped with Kirikos Protect Suzu. If you think they face an unorganized team, they might succeed. But it’s better for you to play any other tank and win in short time.

    How to Play the Lady of Brigitte?

    After the introduction of Role Queue, Brigitte has been in a weird position. He is very strong, so she becomes extremely dominant. She has a little hair, not an attractive way to make it look dull. His current state is strange, but she lets break down the kit.

    Brigitte can deploy Repair Packs. They heal allies for a period and allow for a little cooldown. She also has a shield, which can be broken like any other, but when it is up she can use a Shield Bash to damage the enemy. Her flail suppresses Inspire, which gives allies healing over time. Inspire is a method of avoiding enemies using Whip Shot.

    His Ultimate, Rally, provides healing and temporary health to allies nearby, and dissipates after a certain amount of time. There is the limit to the temporary health, though.

    In all, Brigitte is good in deathball-esque compositions where entire team moves close together, and can protect against flankers. She also has an average healing output. It’s a little better to boost and push the volume. Even Mercy can get more tired in more situations because she’s able to play a game.

    Brigitte isn’t right near the Overwatch peak when she was removed from stuns and armor dispersal. The damage is very large, so she doesn’t give her team enough survivability. She can’t even live against a Doomfist, who is quite good to be at. But hey, if youre dealing with an DPS Moira trying to make a difference with your team, she may be a good answer since there’s no aim. Don’t count on you on winning onev too much!

    How to play a thief in the hammer!

    Junkrat was on the receiving end of strange nerfs due to his Steel Trap length and its deployment time. Nevertheless, he is one of the few characters in the game with hard CC that can keep the enemy in the tracks.

    Junkrat is basically a Demoman of Team Fortress 2. He lobs grenades that travel in an arc depending on your target height. He can toss the Concussion Mines and detonate them, knocking back enemies or scoffing himself into the air with rain grenades down on his below.

    Even if he kills those weaker heroes, he does not protect themselves.

    RIP-Tire is her Ultimate and gives a high burst of damage. When a tire is deployed, it can be controlled from a single person perspective and then manoeuvred towards a enemy. The tire can be shot and destroyed but, by the means of the use of the gun, it can also climb walls and jump. Its range is also ridiculous. Even if Junkrat is immobile while the tire is off, killing him will not stop the tires.

    There can be hard-countered heroes like Pharah (when she has enough height to avoid bombs), or Sojourn, Soldier 76, Cassidy and Widowmaker (if he is far enough away). Even Zarya and D.Va can’t survive with Barrier and Defense Matrix respectively. Nevertheless, he’s still quite good. His grenades have some decent range, so a direct hit can cause 120 damage. They can also bounce off walls.

    Keep going, and a few opponents can wipe up. If you’re dealing with enemies who can’t aim, RIP-Tire is very powerful. If you’re suffering from a loss of reputation, Junkrat can take care of some of the damage he takes. You need your map for the distance if you don’t he’s a precise scooge, it’s worth trying out.

    How to play Cassidy?

    Cassidy is one of the most straightforward Damage-appropriate heroes to play. Combat Roll is like a dodge and instantly lifts her revolver, the Peacekeeper (and he can use it in middle-air). The magnetic Grenade can fight at enemies and explode. If you don’t get stuck, you’ll find another way to attack the enemy. After the change in fire with the peacekeeper it forces Fan the Hammer to fire the remaining rounds quickly. This is decent against health-high targets.

    Deadeye ultimate’s winner’s ability has reached all enemies in sight and gives to destroy more damage with longer being channeled. The downside is that Cassidy is vulnerable in this whole time and can’t be killed by it when it goes off. Heroes like D.Va use Defense Matrix up close to nullify them, while Genji can deflect the bullet to kill Cassidy. The fight can also be interrupted by Sigma Accretion, Roadhogs hook, Orisas Javelin, Anas Sleep Dart, and other CC abilities.

    However, your success with Cassidy focuses entirely on the accuracy of gravity. The Peacekeeper is very strong, and although the damage drop-off makes it better for mid-range engagements, it can still do a total of 140 damage per headshot. Even body shots can be devastating, which means 70 per round. Precision damage is the way to do. A headshot and finish to enemy with a body shot isn’t good enough.

    Although not quite as efficient in the High ranks like Sojourn and Ashe ranks, Cassidy is good against the likes of Echo (who is pretty strong), Mercy (but her a little while on her way around the house) and Pharaoh (at mid-range). All of that depends on your basic aiming skills and positioning.

    Play your voice with a hand.

    Because of the many nerfs given left and right, Echo became a good pick, although her skill floor and ceiling can make her difficult to master.

    Often, Echo uses Flight to dodge and take to the skies. In the air, she can slowly descend with Glide when the jump button is held. It’s much better control than Pharaohs. Her primary attack is the weapon Tri-Shot, fireing a triangular spread of shots. Her alternate attack is Sticky Bombs, which is stricken and is detonated for a brief time.

    Focusing Beam shows that Echo fires beams, slows down, but carries on with significant damage and weakens the health of its target (and barriers) and becomes a health condition. Her Ultimate is Amputations, which helps copyed a targeted hero. She can use the entire kit and build her Ultimate too quickly. The downside is that her health is lower than her being duplicated.

    Echo plays plenty of possibilities. It’s good to kill enemies using 3-Shot while you closed the distance and take Sticky Bombs to kill or damage them. You can likewise hit them with Tri-Shot and then a Focusing Beam to finish them off. The combo of Tri-Shot, Sticky Bombs, Focusing Beam puts tanks very badly damaged, and Flight is a good way of getting along and destroying foes.

    Of course, you can play more conservatively, but airborne makes you a major target for hits like Sojourn, Soldier 76, Ashe, Cassidy and Bastion, please do not be nervous. The quality of things that a person can do is decide whether or not it should be done properly. We need to choose a Roadhog, use a hook for a quick kill or even stall the point with the Rebreather. Doing the work on a healer usually is not required if a healer fails and wants to find the point. However, in addition to their increase survival, you’d better have a tank- and stalling capacity.

    It’s worth noting that Echo will recover some health after leaving Duplicate, but youre perhaps perhaps vulnerable when it ends. Get on flight fast when you can.

    Since she is pretty strong, though, that doesn’t make Echo a must-pick just because Tracer and Sojourn were strong. There is a serious need for an expert Echo, especially with an immediate effect on a Mercy pocket, without having to challenge her.


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