Who are the fastest Dead By Daylight assassins?


    Speed ​​is very important for Killers in Dead By Daylight, and while not all Killers need a lot of it, it is useful information for both Killers and Survivors. A Survivor’s base speed is 4.0 m/s, meaning it requires a lot of maneuvering to loop a Killer correctly. When choosing a Killer, it’s also good to know who can easily take out a Survivor. But who are the fastest Dead By Daylight assassins?

    The fastest assassins in DBD

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    Here are the fastest assassins in the game, and they can reach incredible speeds like 38 m/s.

    • Ghost Can reach up to 6.96 m/s using “Windstorm” – Blood.
    • Pig It can reach 7.31 m/s using the Last Will plugin.
    • Oni goes up to 9.46 m/s with the Demon Dash ability using Akito’s Crutch and Kanai-Anzen Talisman.
    • Spirit can reach 9.5 m/s using the mother-daughter ring and the Muddy sports cap.
    • Club Reach a maximum speed of 12.42 m/s using Doom and Death Etchings.
    • Nurse It has a flashing speed of 13.33 m/s.
    • Plague It can reach up to 13.76 m/s using Adrenaline Vial and Blighted Crow.
    • wesker It moves at 14 m/s using its Virulent Bound.
    • xenomorph It can reach 18 m/s in tunnels.
    • Demogorgon reaches up to 29 m/s with the Deer Lung and Rotten Green Tripe add-ons.
    • Dredge He can teleport at 38 m/s using Nightfall.

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    Normal speed killers in DBD

    Image via Dead by Daylight

    Here are the killers that have normal speeds and there is almost no way to go further.

    • Huntress He can reach 4.6 m/s using the soldier’s whore when he does not have axes.
    • Myers, Plague, Ghost Face, Freddy, Doctor, Pyramid Head, Artist, Nemesis, and cenobite They all have the fastest movement speed of 4.6 m/s.

    The slowest assassins in DBD

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    These are the slowest assassins in Dead by Daylight with below average speed.

    • Death Launcher has no capacity to exceed its base speed of 4.4 m/s
    • Trickster Similarly, it has no add-ons or powers to exceed the base speed of 4.4 m/s.

    Special Assassins in DBD

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    These are special assassins that can have different speeds.

    • Cenobite The chain shot can reach up to 40 m/s.
    • witch Teleportation is instantaneous, which cannot be measured as speed.
    • Trapper It can move at 4.83 m/s and 5.18 m/s with Coffee Grounds and a PTB buff.
    • Singularity can reach 4.83 m/s using Soma Family Photo.
    • Clown It can reach 5.06 m/s using its yellow bottles.
    • Skull Trader can reach 5.24 m/s using a prototype rotor and a geographic readout.
    • Gentleman It can reach up to 5.29 m/s using light greaves.
    • buba can reach up to 5.55 m/s during chainsaw sweeps using The Beast’s Marks and Knife Scratches add-ons.
    • Legion can reach 6.4 m/s using the Mural Sketch plugin.
    • Twins: Charlotte can reach 4.6 m/s and Victor can reach 6.9 m/s with Forest Stew and Madeleine’s Scarf.
    • sadako briefly reaches 6.9 m/s after teleporting.

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