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    While we get a ton of new gaming content every year, some games really stand the test of time. One genre where this is particularly true is the point-and-click adventure game, where the art and quality of the puzzles are as important as technical innovation. The impressive Machinarium is a great example. And if you’re playing it now, read on for part 4 of my Machinarium walkthrough.

    Machinarium Walkthrough Part 4 – All Puzzle Solutions

    In this final section of my guide, I’ll start right after you’ve played the two arcade games. and picked up the two tokens and then continued until the end of the game. If you need information on an earlier part of the game, click on my Machinarium walkthrough hub page.

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    I suggest you save the game every time you enter a new area, or after a time-consuming puzzle. I discovered that several of the puzzles in the previous game were buggy when I tried to reset them, forcing me to reload a previous save. I didn’t have the problem on any subsequent puzzles, but maybe I got lucky.

    Purchase of batteries

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    Once you have returned to the clock tower, go to the machine (a1) and spend your tokens on two Batteries. Now use the battery bandage in your inventory to make a single battery.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Go down the stairs on the left (a2), climb the pole next to the door on the next screen and Give the battery to the police robot. (b1). The robot will move away from the door, allowing you to enter by pressing the button (b2).

    The elevator

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    Click on the plant (c1) and you will hit some earth on the ground. This attracts a robot mouse to come out of a hole (c2) and clean up the mess. While the robot mouse is cleaning, click to pick it up and a piece will come loose and fall to the ground. Pick up this LED.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Note the patterns on the wall (c3) that have numbers next to them (the top one is hidden by a leaf). Select the elevator panel (c4) and add the LED in the empty space on the right side (see image above). Now you can use the elevator by matching the correct pattern to go to the floor you need. Currently you need to go to the basement, so click on the LEDs in the following order: 8-3-7-1-5-8. When the bell rings, click on the front of the screen (c5) to exit the elevator.

    The lobby

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    Turn on the power using the plug (d1), then pull the lever (d2) down twice. This moves the cleaning robot (d3) to the bathroom through the right door (d4). Head to the bathroom yourself.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Once inside, hop on the cleaning robot, reach out and take the Scissors (e1). You can also look through the toilet (e2) to see that you are right above the pump! Return to the lobby, click the up lever (d2) twice to move the cleaning robot to its original position, turn off the power (d1), and then stand on it and cut the chandelier (d5).

    Get off the cleaning robot and place the chandelier on it. Turn the power back on (d1), then repeat the process of sending the cleaning robot to the bathroom. Once inside, he follows the robot and click on the chandelier and then the toilet (e2). Return to the control panel and click the up switch (d2) once. This calls the robot back to the lobby, destroying the bathroom beside. Go back to the bathroom and click toilet paper dispenser (e3), allowing you to swing down through the new hole.

    Disarm the bomb

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    Click on the bomb and you’ll start swinging until you grab it, giving you a close-up of a cable puzzle. Be careful, as this puzzle has a timer. You want to connect the cables as follows: from left to right, DBEAC. To do this, click on each of the fuses (see image above), adding them to your inventory. Once you have them, reinsert them from left to right in the order I just described. This will stop bomb timer and you will go back up to the bathroom.

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    The green dot puzzles

    Image from MyFullGames

    Go up the stairs (d6) to what appears to be an observatory. Click on the center machine (f1) to see a cut scene, then go to the left panel (f2) and click on it to open it. This puzzle has two sections, top and bottom, that work the same way. You need moves the green dots to the green areas of the boards.

    This can be complicated to solve, since moving a point attracts others of the same color that are connected to it. If you’re stuck, here are the solutions to both puzzles.

    top puzzle

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Move the top left yellow up, then drag the bottom yellow so that it faces right instead of left.
    2. Move the green on the left side down, then drag the top left gray down so that the three green spaces are empty.
    3. Drag the bottom right yellow to the right one space, then the top right yellow (so that the yellows form a C and the green spaces are empty again).
    4. Drag the bottom green down so they form a line, then the bottom gray down followed by the top right gray so it’s right next to the top green.
    5. Move the bottom yellow to the bottom right corner, the greens to the right as much as possible, then have the grays follow the space the greens just left.
    6. Move the green ones to the right and then down, the yellow ones to the left and up, then move the green ones to the green spaces.

    The right padlock should turn green.

    bottom puzzle

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Move the purple to the left from the top right to the green spaces, the green ones right behind them, and then move the yellow ones to the bottom right corner.
    2. Move the greens to the bottom left corner and the purples down between the greens and yellows (in a U shape). This allows you to move the blue ones to the top left corner.
    3. Move the purple ones on the right side up and then to the right, forming a straight line along the center. Move the green ones to the right, then up, reaching the purple one on the right.
    4. Move the right side of the purple up, then move the purple down from the left to the bottom left corner. This allows you to move the blues back to the middle in a line with the end on the far left, allowing you to move the greens into place.

    The key and gun game

    The second lock will turn green and a slide will open allowing you to take a Plug and cable. Use the cable on the central robot in this room (f1) and you will start another arcade style minigame. You start to the left of a series of tunnels and rooms. Move with the cursor through the corridors. avoiding the shots of the red aliens to you Find the key (go right, then down and left to find it).

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    Use the key in the middle room to unlock the door and get the gunthen shoot (using the left mouse button) all the red aliens. If you are low on health, get blue health packs.And keep in mind that the edges of the map give you clues as to where nearby aliens are. If you fail, simply restart the game by plugging in the machine once again. Once all 40 aliens are deadyou have repaired the brain and it gives you the End LED for the elevator.

    Go back down and enter the elevator by pressing the button (d7). Add the final LED to the elevator as you did before. This time, you need to click on the following LED pattern (see the image above once again): 8-3-6-1-4-7-2-5-8. Again, when you hear the sound of the elevator, get out.

    Saving Berta

    Image from MyFullGames

    Come and pick up the Hammer (g1), use it on the glass (g2), then lower the hammer and take the Key (g2). Return to the elevator (g3) and use the key to open the closet on the right (c5), taking the Frozen spray from inside.

    Back under Berta and the bag boys, use the spray on the lock under the bad guys (g4), then pick up the hammer again and break the lock. Goodbye bad boys, hello berta! They will both go up the stairs to the observatory. Exit the door on the right (f3) and walk along the roof to the small machine there (h1). Click to see the number 7.0:108 printed on it.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Return to the observatory and select the orange machine (f4). Set the dials to that frequency (7-108) and listen to the melody that plays. Now you must return outside to play the same melody on the buttons on the machine (h1). If you don’t want to or can’t solve it, the order is 1-4-2-3-5-2-3.

    This reveals the steps of a staircase, but only for a few seconds, so you must ask Berta to select the cross lever next to her (h2) as soon as you have played it. This keeps the stairs in place. If you’re not fast enough, just play the melody again. Click on the steps and you will board the waiting ship and escape together. Congratulations!

    We’ve got you covered for adventure game walkthroughs here at MyFullGames! Why not check out the Haunted Hunt Walkthrough or How to Beat Riddle School 2 – Full Walkthrough?


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