Where to get the Old Coin in Palia: All map locations



    Where to get the Old Coin in Palia: All map locations

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    If you’re struggling to find all three of the Old Coin locations in Palia, we have you covered with all the map locations you need.

    The Old Coin is a curious artefact that has been added to the game as of the Palia 0.166 update – and collecting them all is a great way to earn yourself extra XP and other rewards.

    So, for all the Old Coin map locations and how to use them with the Phoenix Shrine, keep reading for what you need to know.

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    All Old Coin locations in Palia

    Image of all Old Coin map locations in Palia

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    To get the Old Coins quest in Palia, you’ll need to travel to the Flooded Fortress, west of the Bahari Bay map – and you’ll need The Glider to access the higher areas of the ruins.

    You’ll unlock the ability to make a Glider after you solve the Ancient Battery riddle in the Phoenix Falls ruins.

    Follow these steps to collect all three Old Coins:

    • Once you have entered the Flooded Fortress via the northern pathway, climb up the rocky outcrop to the right
    • From there you will see the remains of an Aqueduct, glide towards it
    • Glide from the Aqueduct ruins to the upper fortress level

    Screenshot of the first Old Coin location in Palia

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    • From the upper level, head down the flights of stairs until you see an altar and a phoenix statue
    • The first Old Coin is located behind the phoenix statue, within a shiny vase

    Screenshot of the second Old Coin location in Palia

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    • Now, return to the northern Aqueduct. There will now be a shiny vase on the structure containing the second Old Coin
    • Lastly, from the Aqueduct glide back to the upper ruins and walk around to the centre where several broken pieces of bridges lead off
    Screenshot of the third Old Coin location in Palia

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    • Glide across these broken pieces and you will see the last vase on top of a half-broken pillar
    • Collect it and return it to Zeki with all three Old Coins.
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    How to use the Old Coin in Palia

    Screenshot of handing in an Old Coin to Zeki in Palia

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    Once you have the Old Coins and speak with Zeki, he will reveal that one of the phoenix statues spat out a scroll after he placed a coin in its mouth. You must now do this three times with all Old Coins.

    To do so:

    • Head east from Kilima Village, back to the Flooded Fortress in Bahari Bay and back to the statue where you discovered the first Old Coin
    Screenshot of the Phoenix Statue in Palia

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    • Once there, approach the hexagon plinth beneath the phoenix statue and drop a coin into it three times
    • You’ll pick up three fortunes which can then be read within your inventory
    • Return to Zeki who can usually be found within the General Store in town
    • Along with the usual Renown, he will reward you with a Lucky Coin, which can be spent at his shop for a Lucky Box, containing a randomised reward of furniture or materials.

    That rounds off our Old Coin Palia guide with a thorough rundown of everything you need to know to complete the Old Coin quest.

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