Where to find the Scientist Locker Key in the DMZ



    There are various closed spaces and hidden loot caches that can be accessed using their specific keys in the DMZ gameplay of Call of Duty: Warzone. The Scientist’s Locker is one of those locked caches that players can unlock using their key. The locker can provide you with some valuable items, so it’s worth checking out.

    Scientist locker location in DMZ

    The scientist’s locker is located in Zaya Observatory, which is situated on top of Mount Zaya in the center of Al Mazrah. At the marked location, you will find an underground tunnel that can be accessed through the giant hole at the top or from the two entrances, as shown in the second image. Keep going inside the tunnel and you will eventually reach the locked lockers. Use the key on the scientist’s locker to open it and collect the loot. Before looking for this locker, you should be aware that the Zaya Observatory is a heavily guarded area. So be careful while entering the tunnel and take out the armored enemies first.

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    How to get the Scientist Locker Key in DMZ

    Unlike the Crane Control Room Key, which can be acquired by completing a faction mission, there is no set way to acquire the Scientist Locker Key. You can find it as a random loot item just like many other keys in the DMZ. The best places to look for keys are lockers, supply crates, shops, and loot and dead players.

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