Fruit Battlegrounds Codes (December 2022) – Free Gems!


    Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox fighting game inspired by popular anime titles like One piece. Your goal is to become one of the greatest warriors, so you’ll need all the help you can get. While we can’t play for you, there is a way to help! We have put together all the Fruit Battlegrounds codes to help you be even more successful in this game.

    As the name suggests, Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game in which you will have to prove your toughness while collecting the fruits. The codes that you redeem most frequently will reward you with gems. You use them for in-game activities like spinning around for fruits. One spin costs 50 gems and gives you 0.14% to get Legendary Fruit.

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    Fruit Battlegrounds Codes List

    Updated December 14, 2022

    Added a new code for Fruit Battlegrounds.

    Fruit Battlegrounds Codes (working)

    Here you can find all the Fruit Battlegrounds codes that work.

    • 100KWEDIT—Claim this code 800 gems (New)
    • DAMN90K—Claim this code for 400 gems
    • 80KAHHHHH—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • THXPOR70K—Claim this code for 350 gems
    • FREE BREAD!—Claim this code for 300 gems
    • 60KLETSGO—Claim this code for 350 gems
    • SORRY4TURN OFF—Claim this code for 250 gems
    • MAGMALETSGOO—Claim this code for 900 gems
    • 50KINSANO—Claim this code for 500 gems
    • 40K DAMN—Claim this code for 350 gems
    • 35KWOWBRO—Claim this code for 200 gems
    • 30K I LOVE YOU—Claim this code for 550 gems

    Fruit Battlegrounds Codes (Expired)

    These are expired Roblox codes for Fruit Battlegrounds.

    • 25KINSANO!!—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • 20KLOCO—Claim this code for 550 gems
    • 15KNOW—Claim this code for 550 gems
    • THXPOR10K—Claim this code for 300 gems
    • 7KTEAM—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • 5KSQUAD—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • 4KGANGO—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • 3KTHXBRO—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • WUPDATEORNAH—Claim this code for 600 gems
    • 2KLETSGOOO—Claim this code for 450 gems
    • PRESENT FOR YOU—Claim this code for 700 gems
    • 1KLIKESGANG—Claim this code for a random amount of gems

    How to redeem codes in Fruit Battlegrounds (Roblox)

    Redeem codes at fruit battlegrounds It’s easy. Follow our guide below for a fast claim process.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. In the game, click on the rotating fruit option in the main menu.
    2. Click on the chest on the ground.
    3. Enter the job codes in the Enter the code here text box at the bottom left of the screen.
    4. Confirm the code by pressing the button Redeem button.

    How to Get More Fruit Battlegrounds Codes

    Please visit this page regularly for more Fruit Battlegrounds codes. We will update this article as soon as new rewards arrive. In the meantime, you can follow the game developers on Twitter. @ZakSSJsubscribe to his YouTube channel @zakssj8781and join your Fruit Battlegrounds Discord Server.

    Why aren’t my Fruit Battlegrounds codes working?

    There are several reasons why you are having trouble redeeming Fruit Battlegrounds codes. The most common reason is code expiration. In most Roblox fruit games, the codes tend to expire very quickly. To avoid missing out on valuable rewards, check this page often so you can redeem your codes as soon as possible. Another reason why the codes don’t work can be a simple typo. It is enough to make a mistake and the code will not work. Avoid this problem by copying and pasting directly into the text box.

    How to avoid getting killed as soon as I spawn in Fruit Battlegrounds

    You will notice strong players pass by you when you start the game. While some will be friendly, most will try to eliminate you. Avoid the fights at first as you will be dead in seconds. To prolong your career as a fighter, stay in a safe area until they leave. If you leave the safe zone, you could die instantly. Remember, there are much stronger enemies that can kill you almost instantly.

    What is Fruit Battlegrounds?

    Fruit Battlegrounds is a player vs player action game for Roblox where your main objective is to avoid the strongest players so that you can level up and have a better chance of defeating the enemies. as this is a One piece Game like Roblox experience, characters mostly show their blade skills and fruit powers.

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