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    Starfield is my dream space RPG, but one downside is the lack of alien races and inability to play as an alien. Despite the Alien DNA Trait, you cannot play as a full-blooded alien. However, there is a way to dress up as an alien, or a monster, in Starfield. But you’ll need to get your hands on the Tardigrade Costume to do so.

    How to Get the Tardigrade Costume Spacesuit in Starfield

    Getting the Tardigrade Monster Space Suit in Starfield is relatively easy and can be done at nearly any point in the game. All you have to do is travel to the Sol System. Find the planet Saturn, but set your marker for Titan, one of its moons. Land at New Homestead and follow the UC Security Guard’s instructions to enter New Homestead.

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    Once inside, continue forward until you find the stairs. Take these and enter the doors leading deeper into New Homestead. Proceed down the stairs and wait for Bill Starsap to finish speaking to the tourists. After he is done, Dr. Giuliana Lakota will reprimand him for the tourists’ behavior.

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    After Dr. Giuliana Lakota is done, speak to her and select the dialogue options about tourism until you can offer to help. She will suggest wearing the Tardigrade Monster Costume and scaring a group of tourists. Accept this, and you will receive the suit.

    You can keep the Monster Costume as long as you don’t finish the Tourists Go Home quest. Outside of its humorous appearance, the suit isn’t worth wearing. It provides awful resistance, so you’ll get torn to pieces if you try to fight in it. If you complete the Tourists Go Home quest, you’ll return the suit and receive 3,000 Credits, but you can redo the quest randomly later on.

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