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    The virtual mini golf experience Super Golf! allows Robloxians to challenge and compete with their friends across numerous courses to see who’s the ultimate mini golf champion. While playing, users can unlock tons of unique accessories for their golf ball, including skins, hats, emotes, and more. Some of these accessories can be unlocked with coins, while others are locked behind exclusive codes, such as the two accessories I’ll be discussing in this brief guide, the Cake Skin and Year 3 Candle Hat! Continue reading below to learn more.

    How to unlock the free Cake Skin and Year 3 Candle Hat in Super Golf

    As mentioned above, these two accessories can only be unlocked with codes, and are only available for a limited time. In celebration of Super Golf’s third anniversary on the Roblox platform, users can redeem the codes “SG3YEARS” and “SG3YEARS2” for two exclusive birthday-themed rewards, courtesy of Super Golf’s developer, Nosniy.

    To enter these codes, load into Super Golf and select the Shop button from its main menu. Then, select the ticket icon to open the Codes menu.

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    Once here, simply type or paste in your codes and press the green checkmark. Assuming you’re over level 25, and the event is still ongoing, you should receive the two birthday accessories in just a few seconds. Piece of cake!

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