Where to find & Hero Worshipped trait explained


    The Starfield Adoring Fan is one of the more entertaining aspects of the game and can be pretty useful if you decide to indulge them.

    Upon creating a character you get to choose, among other things, three traits. Amongst all of these, one that you’ll likely end up considering is the “Hero Worshipped” one. This strange trait states that it gives you a fan somewhere in the universe that’s sort of obsessed with you.

    Aside from being a little bit creepy, and kind of hard to understand if you’ve chosen a more stealthy background, there’s one main benefit if you choose to go down this path, and that is that the Adoring Fan can become a useful companion.

    Starfield Adoring Fan location

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    While the Adoring Fan does seem to appear semi-randomly, most players have found them on New Atlantis as they’re following along with the main missions. The Adoring Fan will run up to you and fanboy at you for a bit, and then basically end up on your ship.

    The Adoring Fan is actually pretty useful too, with two points in weightlifting, making them a pretty good packhorse, and a point in both concealing and scavenging, making them good for finding more resources too.

    If you decide that having your stalker so close by is bad actually, as it would be in real life, then you can dismiss them, or try and persuade them that you’re bad actually, and watch their face as their dream version of you shatters.

    We’re not going to judge you no matter what you do, but they’re an undoubtedly useful companion and one that is so easy to get that it’d be silly to pass up on them, at least in the earlier stages of the game. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a fan, you know?

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