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    I love all the collectibles in Starfield. My space-traveling professor has built up a collection of scientific items to show her academic side, as well as various plushies I’ve added to her bedroom. But my favorite collectible is the snow globes found in Starfield. If you want to find these collectible items, you’ll need to put in some leg work. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered.

    Where to Find All Snow Globes in Starfield

    Five of the six snow globes are found by reading books, as these will trigger the quests and reveal their locations, except for one. I recommend collecting all the books and reaching the point in the main mission where you unlock all snow globe locations, as they are all in the Sol system. That said, you can collect them when you want. Here is where to find all snow globe locations in Starfield.

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    Snow Globe Book Book Location Snow Globe Location Quest Description
    Apollo Snow Globe Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal Matteo’s Room, The Lodge
    (New Atlantis)
    Luna (Sol System Vist the Apollo Landmark on Luna
    New York Snow Globe Our Lost Heritage Mast President Office (New Atlantis) Earth (Sol System) Visit the New York Land Mark on Earth
    St. Louis Snow Globe The Price of Destiny Benjamin Bayu’s Penthouse (Neon) Earth (Sol System) Visit the St. Louis Landmark on Earth.
    Cairo Snow Globe The Ancient Civilization of Egypt Sinclair’s Books (Akila City) Earth (Sol System) Visit the Cairo Landmark on Earth
    London Snow Globe Oliver Twist Sinclair’s Books (Akila City) Earth (Sol System) Visit the London Landmark on Earth
    Opportunity Snow Globe Unearth Quest Main Mission (#15) Mars (Sol System) Visit the Mars Rover on Mars.

    Apollo Snow Globe – Starfield

    You can find the book Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal in Matteo’s room in the Lodge. Head upstairs and take the hallway leading to more rooms. When you reach the end, take a left and open the first door on your left. Grab the book, and you’ll get the quest to go to the Apollo landing site on Luna.

    New York Snow Globe – Starfield

    Head to the Mast Building in New Atlantis and take the elevator to the Central Command level. You’ll want to go to the president’s office and locate the book on the desk.

    Getting the Our Lost Heritage book can be tricky, as it will count as being stolen. I used a nearby succulent to push it into the adjacent room out of sight of anyone, allowing me to steal it without repercussions and get the quest to find New York on Earth.

    St. Louis Snow Globe – Starfield

    You must go to the Astral Lounge on Neon and take the VIP Elevator to the balcony. Find VIP Booth 4, and you’ll find Benjamin Bayu here. Pickpocket his penthouse key, meaning you need at least one point in Theft.

    Exit the Astral Lounge and take the elevator on your left to Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse. Head upstairs and to the right to find his office. The Price of Destiny book is on the desk. The lobby becomes restricted once you enter the penthouse, so you must fast-travel to escape. But then, you can head to Earth and find the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

    Cairo Snow Globe – Starfield

    Head to Akila City and visit Sinclair’s Books, which is to the left of the Rock and past the Coe Heritage Museum. Buy The Ancient Civilization of Egypt to unlock the quest to visit the Pyramid of Giza on Earth.

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    London Snow Globe – Starfield

    You can also pick up the Oliver Twist book from Sinclair’s Books on Akila City. Purchasing the book unlocks the quest to visit London on Earth.

    Opportunity Snow Globe – Starfield

    To get the Opportunity Snow Globe, you must unlock the main mission Unearthed. Follow the quest line until you have to visit the Nasa Launch Tower on Mars. While here, interact with the MER Program to unlock the quest for the last snow globe. You’ll need to head to the Mars Rover to find the snow globe.

    Where to put Snow Globes in Starfield

    Unfortunately, there is no designated place to display your hard-found snow globes in Starfield. While Fallout 4 had this feature, it is noticeably absent in Starfield. However, you can still display them in two ways. The first is to build a display case in your home or outpost. You can then place the snow globes in here to show them off.

    The second method involves moving and placing them manually. You can place them using this method more freely, but they will not be static objects. Using this technique means you can bump into them and knock them around.

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