Where to find all 9 collectible cards in High on Knife


    There are nine collectible cards that can be obtained in the High of Life High on Knife DLC. This is where to find them all. If you’re interested in all the collectibles, you’ll also need our help locating all 58 Muxxalon packs.

    All Trading Card Locations in High on Knife

    Card 1: Barfazard

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    Talk to the slug on the right as soon as you enter Salt Lick City. He will give you the Barfazard card. This is also where you will find a box of Muxxalon.

    Card 2: Manure

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    Complete the slug race in under 14 hours in Salt Lick City. Doing so will reward you with the Dungmancer Card.

    Card 3: Flukey

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    Beat the high score of the BALL minigame. Prioritize the blue targets and try to hit the bumpers as much as you can.

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    Card 4: Humor

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    This can be found in a cave in front of the green giant in the Duffalo Ranch region. You’ll have to open a door, follow some wires to turn on some switches, and then you’ll get the card.

    Card 5: Pirate

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    Win the race at Duffalo Ranch. By doing so, you will be rewarded with the Pyrat card.

    Card 6: Ripsaur

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    Go to the Riddle Master and shoot him. Doing this grants you the Ripsaur card and an achievement.

    Card 7: Taddos

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    The Tadtwo Card is located inside the Muxxalon HQ and you will need Knifey’s Chainsaw Upgrade to get it. You’ll cut up some pink goo and navigate some tiles shortly after entering to find this card.

    Card 8: Squealbur

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    Squealbur is inside a Muxxalon package located in the Central Chamber of the Muxxalon Headquarters. You’ll have to ride a chainsaw on top of the pink goo in the center of the room. Climb on it and then shoot a creature into a hole located under the package. This will create a Hookfly that will allow you to cross and claim the card.

    Card 9: Zenicow

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    This final card is also found in the Muxxalon HQ. In the Administration Room at the top of the room, you will find a button that you need to press. This will start a minigame where you will have to slide to the end to claim the card.

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