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    Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty branches the main story further, introducing four new possible endings, depending on your choices. Songbird and Reed are pivotal characters in this expansion, and at a certain point in the game I had to choose which one I would side with. If you’re like me, you want to discover all the possible outcomes to make the right decisions. This guide will cover all the crucial moments in the story and their outcomes so you can tailor your gaming experience to your liking.

    All forked paths between Reed and Songbird in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    As you play through the later missions of Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, you’ll encounter several key points where the game will force you to choose a side between Reed and Songbird. These choices will affect the path of the story, and their outcomes will adapt to one of the game’s four different outcomes.

    Should you help Reed capture Songbird or let her escape during Firestarter in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

    During the tenth mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty called Firestarter, you will encounter the first dialogue with branching paths. Once Songbird notifies Hansen that the mainframe is ready, you will find yourself in the room with only her. Once you connect, she will ask you to enter the access codes and you will have the first dialogue option:

    • Help Songbird escape | I’m with you.
    • Help Reed capture Songbird | One more second…

    Choosing the first dialogue option allows you to side with So Mi, which leads to the killer moon mission. Choosing this path will lead to another branch, which opens up two possible endings. If you choose this option, unfortunately you will not be able to obtain some of the iconic weapons that cannot be missed. During this path, you will have one more chance to backtrack and follow Reed’s plan, but doing so makes the story worse.

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    If you decide to go for the second option and help Reed capture Songbird and bring her back to the FIA, the game will take you to the Black Steel in Hour of Chaos mission. Songbird will enter a state of cyberpsychosis and turn on you. She will escape and run rampant throughout the city, leading to MaxTac’s arrest of her. This path will take you to another set of options where you must choose between killing Songbird or handing her over to the FIA.

    Should you give up Songbird or kill Reed during the Killing Moon mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

    After escaping the stadium with Songbird at the end of the Firestarter mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, wait two days for him to contact you again. Once So Mi calls, you will begin the final mission in the expansion called Killing Moon. During the mission, you must take So Mi to the spaceport so she can travel to the moon and be cured. During your attempt to sneak her onto a shuttle, NUSA forces will appear, culminating in a confrontation with Reed. One of the fundamental points of the dialogue will appear:

    • Pick up songbird | Time to leave
    • Pick up songbird | Wake up, damn it.
    • Call Reed | Reed will take care of you.

    The first two dialogue options will produce a final confrontation with Reed, who stands in your way to the shuttle. Provoking a fight in any way will cause him to shoot you, as will walking towards him. The only way to get out of the situation alive is to give up on Songbird or take out your gun and shoot Reed. If you defeat him, you’ll get his Pariah pistol, one of the iconic weapons exclusive to Phantom Liberty.

    • Reed, damn it!
    • Gun in holster | All yours, but you will help me continue living.
    • Gun in holster | Take her. I don’t want anything in return.
    • Draw weapon | I’m sorry.

    The first and last dialogue options will have you pull out a gun and shoot Reed. The Holster weapon options will produce the same result, delivering So Mi to the FIA. This choice will trigger the most optimal ending, allowing everyone to live until the end of the game.

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    Should you kill Songbird or hand her over to the FIA ​​in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty? In Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

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    If you have chosen to help Reed capture Songbird during the mainframe initiation scene, then you have witnessed So Mi being taken away by MaxTac forces. After fighting the NCPD during Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, you will eventually find So Mi in the core of the Cynosure bunker at the end of the mission Something Damaged. As she withers due to the effects of Blackwall, she will desperately beg you to kill her.

    • Kill So Mi | It’s ok, I’ll do it.
    • So Mi Replacement | I won’t do it.
    • So Mi Replacement | My, I need the help of the FIA. Then I need you alive.

    The first option will lead you to disconnect the head, leaving it flat almost immediately. Reed will arrive shortly after to collect his body for the return. Both Reed and Rosalind Myers will be mad at you for not saving her. The only reward you will get is just 5000 swirls. V won’t get a cure if you choose this story.

    The second two options will lead to the same result. You and Reed will take So Mi to the pickup point, where FIA ​​agents will take her to be treated. Rosalind Myers will grant you a medal and a cure for V’s condition. This ending is better than the last, but later you will discover that So Mi’s neural matrix malfunctioned, leaving her in a crippled state.

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