Where to destroy cabbage carts in Fortnite


    While the Elemental Shrines in Fortnite’s Avatar crossover are relatively easy to find thanks to them being marked on the map, tracking down Cabbage Carts is a little trickier. Fortunately, this Water Chakra challenge can be easily completed if you know exactly where to go, and we’ve found three in relatively easy-to-find locations for you to quickly destroy at the start of the game.

    All Cabbage Cart Locations in Fortnite

    There are 26 cabbage carts spread across the Fortnite map. You can see all of their locations marked on the map image below.

    Image via Fortnite.gg

    We have also listed all of their locations for your convenience:

    • The refuge of the rebels
    • Classy courts
    • The underworld x2
    • luxurious lair
    • Forest Station
    • Real estate station
    • gloomy door
    • Southeast of Charon’s Crossing
    • rescue station
    • Great Glacier
    • Reckless Railways x2
    • Placid bombs
    • Restored reels
    • North of the fencing fields
    • fencing fields
    • Send it! Season
    • On the coast southwest of Coastal Columns
    • smug steppes
    • Battlegrounds of fighters
    • Mount Olympus x2
    • Pantheon Road
    • Summit Temple

    I recommend heading to any of the locations as soon as you jump off the Battle Bus. With so many players trying to complete these missions to unlock their rewards, these can be done fairly quickly. Destroy one, take the cabbages and get to safety. Or if you’re ready to fight, wait for other players to arrive and engage them immediately.

    How to get cabbages

    Once you’ve found a cabbage cart, all you need to do is hit it with your pickaxe once or twice and you’ll destroy it. Doing so will cause some sprouts to fall. Collect them and you will complete the next part of the Earth Chakra challenges. It is a very simple mission, but fun at the same time.

    MyFullGames Screenshot

    The cabbage carts have barely any HP, so you can destroy them with about two hits from your pickaxe. You can also shoot one if you have spare ammo.

    Once you’ve completed it, you’ll earn another portion of Chi for each of these Earth Chakra quests you complete. This can be used to unlock upcoming cosmetic rewards in the Avatar event.

    For more information on Fortnite, be sure to check out our wikis for the rarest skins, emotes, pickaxes, and gliders.

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