How to get and use condiments in Wartales The Tavern Opens


    The Wartlaes: The tavern opens! The DLC has added another management element to the popular medieval squad combat RPG. If you’re setting up your tavern you’re going to need good food, so how do you get Seasoning in Wartales: The Tavern Opens and where do you use it?

    How to use condiments in Wartales Tavern opens

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    Seasoning is only useful in Wartales: The Tavern Opens if you have decided to open a tavern. If you purchased and tended a tavern and had condiments in your regular inventory, they will now be displayed in your tavern and will disappear from your regular inventory. As long as you have seasoning in your Tavern when you start a turn (which happens every time you camp), one The seasoning will be used automatically. by kitchen assistant increase the value of the meals they create.

    Condiments you find later on your travels will remain in your inventory until you Next check the menu of your Tavern. (from the Camp screen). Any seasoning will then be transferred to your tavern when you look at the menu – It is not necessary to physically visit the Tavern.. Note that any companion with the Cook profession can be used as a Scullion and then use Seasoning, but only in the Tavern (not the Camp).

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    Where to find condiments in Wartales Tavern opens

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    Seasoning It cannot be bought in any market or store. in Wartales: The tavern opens. it’s random bonus drop from anyone flowers you look for food on your travels (since the resin comes from the wood nodes). I’ve only seen one drop of seasoning from each flower node, regardless of region, but on the plus side, it appears that get one every time.

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