Where is the Oil Barrel in City of Sun Quest – Atlas Fallen Guide


    One of the most challenging segments of the City of Sun Quest in Atlas Fallen is to find the Oil Barrel and light all the Thelos’ shrines spread around the map. The complication mainly arises due to the lack of proper direction in the game, as the NPC provides vague hints about the position of the Oil Barrel. Luckily, after roaming for hours, I found the Oil Barrel near a staircase.

    Where is the Fire Oil Barrel in the City of Sun Quest?

    After speaking with the High Priest, he will tell you to find the Oil Barrel in the Estate’s Upper Rooms and light the shrine. Now, when you follow the quest marker, it will directly lead to the first quest without telling you any clue about the location of the Oil Barrel. So, to answer the burning question, you can find the Fire Oil Barrel near the staircase of the first shrine adjacent to the hidden library. Use the below image for a pictorial representation of the location.


    Interact with the oil using your default interaction button, and add the oil to your inventory. Now, go to the first shrine, pour the oil, and light it up using the same interaction button. Repeat the process till you have lit three different shrines in various locations around the palace. Follow the quest markers to reach all the areas. After praying your homage, return to the High Priest to continue the remaining part of the mission.

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