Atlas Fallen Guide for Beginners – Tips & Tricks


    Like every RPG game in the market, Atlas Fallen has several mechanics, features, and items that players must get familiar with from the get-go. Though the game has an in-built tutorial menu explaining various mechanics, I found it inconsistent as it lacked content on several vital topics. So, if you are a beginner to Atlas Fallen and want to know some insights about various game features, read the below guide where I have shared my experience with vital things required in the initial part of the game.

    Unlock new abilities

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    The highlight feature of Atlas Fallen is its 1v1 fights with wraith titans. To excel in these fights regularly, you must upgrade your Gauntlet and unlock various abilities that come along with it. So, always collect crafting materials spread throughout the map and unlock new skills. Check the materials required for each tier/power and then collect the necessary items. Unlocking new abilities very often and having several presets is the only way to tackle the various creatures of Fallen Quest. Also, try to open chest spread throughout the map to learn new formulas and abilities as you move around the world. 

    Farming Resources 

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    Farming resources are an essential part of Atlas Fallen. The best way to accumulate materials is to explore the world. When you open a new map section, go around the areas and scan the biome. The other best method to find is to follow any animals living around the surrounding. They usually lead to a spot filled with materials. Additionally, open the chest, visit traders, and complete side missions to earn unique materials in the game.

    Completing Side Missions

    Finishing several initial side missions will provide you an advantage during the early and mid part of the game as it offers lucrative items. For example, after you unlock the second air dash, and can cross the broken bridge. Complete a mission given by Lector NPC in the given location as it provides a superb early game armor called Scout that is effective against the early colossal wraith.

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    In short, try to finish as many side quests from the beginning of the game.

    Armor Upgrade and Tokens

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    Try to upgrade your armor or swap it with a better one as you progress through the levels. Armor stats are the only way to reduce damage numbers from opponents. Also, purchasing or obtaining new armor allows you to earn token points that are essential to unlock perk abilities. So, buy any armor, even if they are a downgrade, to earn token points.

    Fighting Wraiths

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    Battling with wraiths is half of Atlas Fallen. So, learn the attack pattern of each creature from the start, as you will face them multiple times throughout the game. Irrespective of that, the best way to take down any Titans in Atlas Fallen is to attack their limbs and then move to other parts. While fighting, track the health bar and look for the attack marker icon, which indicates that the beast is about to strike. Also, keep preset for each titan and switch them according to the situation. You can learn various information about each beast from the Bestiary menu.

    During any boss battle, if you are low on HP and cannot regain health, it’s better to restart the fight than to continue. Monitor 

    Combo Techniques

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    Apart from having the best perks or abilities, the best way to inflict insane damage numbers on any creature is to learn and repeat various combo techniques. For example, when you start a match, use your secondary weapon like Sandwhip, and switch it with your Dunecleavour to provide a variation that will help you to save your momentum and confuses the opponent. Also, try to charge weapons when you are against slow creatures. Be creative and try to play around with your attacks to be effective.

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