When do CS2 Weekly Care Packages drop?


    Following the closure of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, CS2 adopted a new reward delivery system known as Weekly Care Packages. It’s one of the significant changes that occurred when CS:GO became CS2. A weekly care package allows you to choose two reward items from four options that you find most valuable. However, the timing of these support packages is unclear for many CS2 players. So, here’s everything you need to know about when the weekly support packages will arrive in CS2.

    What is the weekly care package reset time in CS2?

    The reset time for weekly care packages in Counter-Strike 2 is every Tuesdays at 6:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm CT / 9:00 pm ET. At this point, players will be able to earn new rewards and XP bonuses until a weekly reset occurs.

    However, that doesn’t mean weekly aid packages will automatically be removed every Tuesday. To win the care package, Players need to level up their CS2 account earning XP on official servers. Once a player earns their first XP rank of the week, they will be given the care package rewards.

    To use a CS2 Care Package, players must head to the Store in the Home tab and click on the Care Package icon. After getting the rewards, you can sell them on the Steam market or use them in your games.

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    How to get XP in CS2

    Earning XP is relatively essential to leveling up in Counter-Strike 2. Here are some ways to earn XP in the game:

    • Playing different game modes like Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatches is the easiest way to earn XP in CS2.
    • Completing weekly missions also rewards you with XP.
    • Finally, when you finish a round, you can get a weekly XP pool bonus of 5,000 XP. The bonus is calculated based on the XP earned in the round. For the first 3500 XP of the group, you get 3 times your XP as a bonus. For the party’s remaining 1500 XP, you get 1x your XP as a bonus.

    However, you will only earn XP when you have Prime status in CS2, which normally costs $14.99 USD.

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