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    Another week has come and gone, which means it’s time to welcome another Adopt me! update. On September 28, 2023, Adopt Me! launched his pelican and eel update, which included the addition of two new adorable pets (bet you can’t guess which ones they are!), and a handful of much-needed changes to the game’s trading system! For a quick look at these new pets and the other changes made with this update, continue reading the short guide below.

    Adopt me! Pelican and Eel Update Log

    The following list details all the pets added with the Pelican and Eel update and how they can be obtained. Continue reading beyond this list to learn more about trading.

    Image via Roblox Adopt me!
    • Eel
      • Rarity:
      • Obtained by:
        • Buy for $1,000
    Image via Roblox Adopt me!

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    How to trade Adopt Me!

    An exchange in Adopt Me! You can start it by you and another player by clicking each other and pressing the button Trade button. With the new changes made with this update, players can now use a quick chat feature while trading to quickly send a notice to their partner if they don’t have time to type a full message. New message toggles have also been added, allowing users to choose which messages they see and which are hidden during an operation, along with new icons that change depending on what you or your partner are doing. If one of you is typing, a typing icon will appear; If one of you is checking your inventory, the corresponding icon will also appear. Finally, a new spectator feature has been added, allowing players to watch active exchanges and react to them with emojis – fun stuff I guess!


    That’s it for this quick guide to everything added to Adopt Me! with the Pelican and Eel update. Which new pet is your favorite? Do you have any of them still? If you’re hoping to add these to your collection, you’d better do it sooner rather than later.Both pets will be gone in just two weeks.!

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