Whats playing on Battle.net: News and significant events in the end of December 2022, and early in the year, based on whats being played on Battle.net



    Take a moment away from the holidays, while keeping up with all the latest songs from all the favourite games.

    Walk through the Vault of the Ances of World Warcraft and go to Stormpoint in Diablo Immortal, and visit the new DMZ area in Call of Duty.

    All two weeks, we help you keep up on Battle.net by highlighting new content, development updates, and making sure you remember what the minute is, to help you hit important dates and maximize every in-game moment.

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    • Diablo IV
    • World Warcraft has created the ghoulse of warcraft.
    • Diablo Immortal
    • Call of Duty.
    • Overwatch 2
    • Diablo II: Resurrected.
    • Hearthstone
    • World of Warcraft Classic.

    Diablo IV

    Prepare to meet your maker on June 6th, June 6th.

    Eons became wealthy after Lilith’s exile, but she began to become a muslim-like. Take the mantle of a champion and protect Sanctuary from the unremitting darkness unleashed by Liliths return on June 6, 2023. And if you want to try to fight Hells unforgivable horrors, you can pre-purchase any edition for a bit early at the open beta.

    Turn the table on, and the whole body screams.

    World Warcraft is a warcraft company.

    The first raid of a dreadful flight, The Vault of the Acerno, has opened.

    The Primalists breached the Titan prison he held for millennia. As its name has come, Raszageth is doing a wicked ritual to elicit a new life, without a doubt the restraining of her siblings and protect the Titans. In order, Azeroth demands your champion, to crush this impregnable fortress and end this threat.

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    Experience the new challenges in the first quarter of Dragonflight.

    • Four new draconic entities will enter the Dragon Island. Each week, explorers can use this rotating World Bosses to try to enter this extraordinary city.
    • Get pieces of Primalist armor set from the Vault of the Incarnates, to earn specialization-based bonuses for skills.
    • Save Elemental Overflow from Primal Storms, and trade it for armor, pets and mounts.
    • Compete for glory in the Nokhudon Proving Ground, a unique new arena.

    Read the refresh notes for more details on everything coming from Dragonflights first season.

    Do the Trading Post on the LTP!

    With this new feature, you can work with monthly activities to earn money and collect money from various types of animals and animals.

    • New traders will establish their own shops in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and import new wares each month in order to buy a new ware from you.
    • Add weekly activities to earn The Traders Tender. The currency can be spent on Trading Post items.
    • The first month of each month, all players with active accounts will receive an allotment of a contract, which is used by both parties.

    Consult this blog for more details on the Trading Post and all of its nuances.

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    Diablo Immortal

    He worms into Hell’s moane in Terrors Tide.

    • Silver to Stormpoint, Idel-Poldidas first post-launch zone, and complete the new main quest line with quest line.
    • Raise your paragon level to unimaginable heights with three additional Hell Difficulties.
    • Starting January 4, complete daily tasks, and receive festive rewards during the limited-time Brumaltine event.
    • One of the cruelest horrors in the new Voidwound Helliquary.

    Please read down on everything about the new Major Update here.

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    Calling Duty is the law of duty.

    Give Mayhem on the revised shipment map.

    The battle has sprung up in a huge sea, battling multiple forces of stacked containers and crates filled with illicit goods.

    [Of course we have more details]

    Jump into Warzone and Modern Warfare II Season 11 refreshed.

    Whether you’re new or preparing your team on a solo basis, the latest midseason update has arrived.

    • New keys are entered in Warzone 2.0 with Al Mazrah, which essentially leads to an exaggerated new DMZ area named Building 21.
    • Grab two of your best mates and help Price, Farah and Gaz uncover secretes at Atomgrad, the first Special Ops Raid of Modern War II.
    • From now till January 4, Modern Warfare IIs Shipment map will be put together in festive decorations.

    In the Season 1 blog, please discuss the details of the action as directed and by all fronts of this update.

    Get the Cauldron Operator Bundle up.

    Get an Operator skin, weapon blueprint, call cards, and more with this free Prime Gaming package for Vanguard and Warzone Caldera.

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    Overwatch 2

    Winter Wonderland is back!

    From now until January 4, play play returning brawls and complete holiday challenges to earn new cosmetics, including the Ice Queen. Plus, log into Overwatch 2 any time from December 20 to January 4 to receive the Festive Wreath Armor charm and the 2023 player icon.

    [Read more]

    Head to head.

    Diablo 2: Revealed.

    Sleigh yourself through the 22nd Night of Terror event.

    From now till January 4, enjoy festive gameplay and tackle daily dasonic trickery.

    [Learn more]

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    Winter Veil returns to the Tavern.

    Begin with the heart and get into the holiday spirit with exciting activities and special gifts!

    • Log in from now till 31 January so that you get 10 free Card Packs.
    • From December 21-January 5 to the Winter Veil Special, complete the reward track and earn two Standard Packs, a March of the Lich King & a festive Battleground skins, or a festive battlefield skins skin.
    • Participate in two new Tavern Brawls and unwrap a free Battle Bash (courtesy of your favorite bartender).

    Learn more about Hearthstones holiday celebrations on this seasonal blog.

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    World of Warcraft Classic.

    Joyous Journeys experience buff is back.

    Finish a character, leave or invite friends to join your adventures and maximize the experience of 50 on until January 16th.

    [Assume more)

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