How to get a flawless ruby ​​in Witcher 3



    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has plenty of crafting components and items to collect in this huge open world RPG. Geralt will need these components for crafting and alchemy on his journey, beware of Geralt’s limited carrying capacity. Flawless Ruby is one of these crafting components used in some recipes. Here’s how to get a flawless ruby ​​in Witcher 3.

    How to get a flawless ruby ​​in Witcher 3

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    The Flawless Ruby is a rare crafting component used to craft Warlock equipment, such as the Masterwork variants of the Steel and Silver Cat Swords. Flawless Rubies can be found in chests around the world by completing points of interest on the map. The best way to find perfect rubies is buy them from blacksmiths. Blacksmith inventories will be updated regularly, however here is a list of potential sellers:

    • Gunsmith in Midcopse, Velen.
    • Fergus Graem on the Raven Perch, Velen
    • Gunsmith in Hierarch Square, Novigrad.
    • Blacksmith Hattori in Novigrad.
    • Blacksmith at Kaer Trolde, Skellige Islands.
    • Grand Master Smith at Beauclair, Toussiant.

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    The merchant most likely to have Flawless Rubies is Grand Master Smith at Beauclair, Toussiant. We have checked all the previous merchants and have found flawless rubies in each one. A merchant’s inventory is affected by their level, and their stock is refreshed every few days. The higher his level, the more likely he is to find heirloom-quality crafting components, like the Flawless Ruby.

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