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    While it’s great to have an expansive universe to fly around in Starfield, things can break down as a player if you realize you want to go somewhere but you’ve forgotten where it is and don’t currently have a quest there. I’ve regularly and forlornly clicked through to the maps and scrolled around trying to find a store or NPC I want to revisit! If you’re wondering what system Neon is in when playing Starfield, we’ve got you covered.  

    How to get to Neon in Starfield (map)

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    Neon is in the Volii System, which is a single jump from Alpha Centauri (via Olympus), even in your first ship, the Frontier. If you’re worried about bounties, the system is under the control of the Freestar Collective faction. The city of Neon is the key city on the planet Volii Alpha and one you’ll visit quite early in the main questline during All That Money Can Buy.

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    Neon is probably best known for its anything-goes nightclub, the Astral Lounge, as well as housing the HQs of several mega corporations including Walter Stroud’s company, Stroud-Eklund. It is also home to one of the game’s most notorious drugs, Aurora, a black-market hallucinogen that slows time by 40 percent for 10 seconds. 

    If you want to learn just about everything you need to know about this city, check out our Starfield Neon location, map, and points of interest guide right here at MyFullGames!  



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