Call of Duty 2025 leak is good news for Black Ops fans


    Give us a break, yeah? We’ve not even got Modern Warfare 3 yet, but already, some are looking ahead at what Call of Duty game is coming two years away. Call of Duty 2025 is seemingly miles away, but before long, we’ll be lost in a sea of leaks and rumours. 

    There’s plenty of love for Black Ops Cold War as one of the best CoDs in living memory, while Treyarch is largely remembered for its work on Zombies. We’re excited that the dev team is back to handle MW3’s Zombies output and CoD 2024, but beyond that, some claim Treyarch could be the lead dev on CoD 2025.

    Call of Duty 2025 is an ode to Black Ops 2

    With the Black Ops name being pioneered by Treyarch, it’s no surprise that Call of Duty 2025 will be Black Ops-centric if the developer returns. Infinity Ward has had huge success with its Modern Warfare reboots – merging the old and the new – and it sounds like Treyarch is following suit with Black Ops.

    According to trusted CoD leaker BobNetwork, CoD 2025 could feature remastered Black Ops 2 maps. Much like how MW3 is set to feature 16 remastered maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch could give old favourites like Magma and Standoff a fresh lick of paint.

    Before you get too excited BobNetwork says these plans are “very likely to change,” which takes some shine off the leak. As there has been some backlash to MW3 changing MW2 maps by adding doors (yep, you like any excuse to get angry), the inclusion of the BO2 maps will likely depend on MW3’s reception. 

    What else do we know about CoD 2025?

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    Aside from Treyach potentially taking the lead, we don’t know too much about CoD 2025. Among the scoops and leaks, there’s speculation that it will serve much like MW3 and be a sequel to Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024 – which itself is thought to be a Gulf War-themed Cold War sequel. 

    The CoDverse is trying to unite its various plot threads these days, which can make canon a bit of a problem when you’ve got zombies and nukes taking out Verdansk. Given the recent cycle of Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer, you’d expect CoD 2025 to go back to Infinity Ward, but that might not be the case. 

    There are sure to be questions about why Treyarch would tackle Black Ops 2 maps instead of the OG Black Ops, but in terms of iconic locales, the 2012 title has its predecessor licked. Also, if you can’t remaster Nuketown 2025 for 2025, then when can you?


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