What is the release date for MW3 Zombies?


    CoD Zombies is the hallmark project of Treyarch studios, which has made its way into several games in the franchise, as well as the Multiplayer mode. Under the same development leadership, Zombies will now come to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in 2023.

    When is Modern Warfare 3 Zombies released? (MWZ)

    Zombies is one of the main game modes in Modern Warfare 3 and is released on November 10, along with multiplayer mode. The MW3 campaign, however, will be available in early access a week before the game’s full release. The next Zombies experience is called Modern Warfare Zombies or MWZ and will be a PvE game mode similar to the previous games.

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    Will Modern Warfare 3 have zombies for rounds?

    Although the fan-favorite game mode will return, it won’t be the traditional round-based Zombies. MWZ will be more like a zombie-themed extraction shooter, with elements of DMZ gameplay from MW2 and Warzone 2. You’ll be taken to a large-scale map (Urzikstan) that will have three different levels of zones, with the central zone has the greatest threat. Other squads will also appear on the map and you can team up with them to take on hordes of zombies or complete objectives. If you want the original round-based Zombies experience, you may have to wait another year for CoD 2024, which is rumored to be developed by none other than Treyarch.

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