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    Some people like to brag about their Pokémon knowledge, but they rarely get to put it to the test. Now, with Pokedoku, fans can really test how much they know about Pokémon. The concept of the game is really simple, but some of these squares are really difficult to understand.

    Pokedoku: a mix of Pokémon and Sudoku

    Pokedoku basically takes the basic gameplay of Sudoku and uses Pokémon-related categories to decide what should be in the squares instead of math. It is played in a 9×9 square, like typical Sudoku. To the left of the square there will be three categories (one for each row) and above the square there will be three more categories (one for each column).

    The categories are mostly Pokémon types. For example, if a square has Electric on its side and Flying on top of it, Zapdos would be a good answer. The final category on both sides of the square, however, will be something special. It can be a region (Kanto, Johto, Paldea, etc.) or a certain class of Pokémon (Legendary, Mythical, Ultra Beast, etc.).

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    The game also lets you know how many other players guessed. Since many Pokémon share types, sometimes you have to be careful what you put in that square. Cramorant would fit into a Water and Flying slot, for example, but may not score as well as Gyarados.

    This will really test your knowledge, given some of the crazy combinations that appear in the game. It took me a good 15 minutes to remember that there actually is a legendary Bug-type Pokémon (shout out to Genesect).

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