How to get stolen coins in Lords of the Fallen


    Lords of the Fallen has numerous items, some of which are used as currency. With different suppliers spread all over the world, it can be difficult to keep track of them and know where to get the necessary currency. One that escaped me for a while was the Shrine of Orius, which required stolen coins, which left me wondering how to find stolen coins and what they do in Lords of the Fallen.

    Where to find stolen coins in Lords of the Fallen

    The only way to get stolen coins is playing cooperatively in Lords of the Fallen. You can earn this reward by participating in the multiplayer aspect, but you must do so with another player. By defeat a boss With the help of another player, you can earn stolen coins, but the amount seems to be random.

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    I recommend playing with a friend and working together to make sure you collect stolen coins. With a random player, you cannot communicate and are therefore at a disadvantage compared to working with a close friend who you can strategize with. However, whenever you defeat the boss, you will get your stolen coins. We’re not sure if this is affected by Lucky Paw, which affects item discovery.

    What to do with stolen coins in Lords of the Fallen?

    He Orio Sanctuary It’s where you should take your stolen coins in Lords of the Fallen. You can find this in the bottom of skyrest. Donating coins will advance a community bar and unlock additional rewards in Lords of the Fallen. Be sure to check back frequently to give stolen coins and see if new rewards have been unlocked.

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