What is Dark and Darker? Release date, platform, permadeath, and more!



    Dark and Darker is a brutal first-person dungeon crawler from developer and publisher Ironmace Games. This hardcore experience draws inspiration from Escape from Tarkov as well as classic D&D adventures. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it can provide an exciting adventure if you’re brave enough.

    Everything we know about Dark and Darker

    Dark and Darker is a hardcore dungeon crawler game. Combine PvP, PvE, and Battle Royale elements to create an exciting experience. You play as intrepid adventurers diving into dungeons to claim loot and hopefully make it out alive. Here’s everything we know about the Dark and Darker.

    What is the release date for Dark and Darker?

    Dark and Darker is currently scheduled to release on Q4 of 2023, placing it near the end of the year. You can follow the official iron mace games Twitter for more information and updates.

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    What platforms will Dark and Darker be on?

    Dark and Darker is currently only planned for personal computer. The developer has mentioned that hope to bring Dark and Darker to PlayStation and Xbox, but no timeline was given for a console release.

    Is there multiplayer in Dark and Darker?

    The central premise of Dark and Darker revolves around diving into deadly dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and other players. has features multiplayer, both friendly and not so friendly. Grouping up with your friends is a great way to increase your chances of survival and escape with your loot.

    Is there permadeath in Dark and Darker?

    as long as there is no permanent death In Dark and Darker, yeah To die while you plunge into a dungeon, to lose everyone swag you picked up Your character will still be available, as well as their starting equipment. You can re-dive with that character as many times as you like, but you must find blue portals for extraction if you want to bring your loot back with you.

    Dark and Darker Trailer

    While Dark and Darker is not currently available, there is an alpha playtest that you can participate in. You can see the alpha playtest trailer on the official page dark and darker Youtube channel.

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