What happens when the Threshold meter fills with Lords of the Fallen?


    In Lords of the Fallen, the world of Umbral is a place of horrors. It is a plane of existence that sits atop the normal world, and with your Umbral Lamp, you can look into it at will. At many points in the game, you will encounter areas that will require you to enter Threshold and brave the night terrors. However, as an inhabitant of the world of the living, you cannot stay in Threshold forever, unless you want to die a horrible death. This is what happens when the Umbral meter fills with Lords of the Fallen.

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    What happens when the Threshold gauge reaches its maximum in Lords of the Fallen?

    The Threshold gauge is a small circular meter that begins to fill once you set foot on Threshold. It effectively acts as a stopwatch, letting you know when you should probably exit the unholy realm. The longer you stay in Threshold, the more dangerous it becomes. More monsters will appear the longer the gauge fills, and depending on how long it is, the more dangerous those monsters will be. Elite enemies will begin to appear in large numbers, making Threshold hell for anyone trying to progress through the game.

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    If the meter manages to reach maximum capacity, you are in serious trouble. The small eye near the indicator will turn bright red and a nearly unkillable monster, similar to the Grim Reaper, will begin hunting you. This reaper deals enormous damage to you, and if his swords manage to touch you, he eliminates your healing ability, further cementing your destiny. This is Lords of the Fallen’s way of showing you why you shouldn’t look to stay in Umbral for a large amount of time, despite how lucrative it is for loot and experience.

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