Lords of the Fallen performance on PC vs. console performance


    Lords of the Fallen is one of the best open-world exploration games coming out this year. Although the gameplay and storytelling are solid, it has a lot of issues in terms of performance. It was especially evident on the first weekend when many players across all platforms complained about several vital issues like stuttering, FPS drops, and crashes. So if you’re a gamer looking to purchase Lords of Fallen and wondering which platform the game would work best on, read the discussion below.

    Lords of the Fallen performance comparison on PC and console

    First of all, the game runs poorly on all three platforms: PC, PS5, and Xbox. Since its release, players on each platform have been posting complaints on Reddit forums about various issues related to all aspects of the game. But of all, the Xbox version has the most negative reviews. Several users say their gaming experience was filled with constant crashes, black screens, and FPS drops and that they want the game out of the Xbox Store until a crucial patch ships.

    Even PS5 users had a similar opinion due to the poor optimization and frame rate issues that arose during gameplay, made even worse by the 30 FPS hard cap. Additionally, players report that it becomes terrible during co-op as they can’t interact with their partners or share things and usually end up standing on top of their avatar most of the time due to network lag.

    On the other hand, PC players are having a great time with the game, as only a few bugs have been reported so far. I also had a smooth experience with only a few glitches here and there. Additionally, when I compared my PC gameplay video to my other PS5 friends, I found the texture, graphics quality, lighting, and boss fights to be much better than the console. Even small details, like loading time or interaction with the UI, felt fluid and consistent.

    Which platform runs Lords of the Fallen best?

    In conclusion, personal computer is the best platform to run Lords of the Fallen. Remember, it’s not even close to perfect. As mentioned above, it has crash issues and it is quite frequent. Still, it is far superior in offering bug-free gameplay with high graphical performance compared to other supported platforms in the current state.

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