What happens to Cissnei in Crisis Core?


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    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core takes place before the events of Final Fantasy VII, thus featuring many characters that do not appear in Final Fantasy VII. This includes Cissnei, a friend of Zacks and a member of the Turks. With his apparent disappearance, you may be wondering what happens to Cissnei in Crisis Core and why he isn’t in Final Fantasy VII.

    Why isn’t Cissnei in Final Fantasy VII?

    Cissnei does not appear directly in Final Fantasy VII. However, she seems to be briefly mentioned either mocked when Cloud goes to Gongaga. Zack’s mother mentions that a woman who was a friend of Zack’s came to see her. Most likely, she is referring to Cissnei, since Aerith was Zack’s other friend. However, this cannot be Aerith, as she never left Midgar or came to Gongaga.

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    Zack’s mother doesn’t give a name, but this probably wouldn’t matter since Cissnei confirms that it’s not her real name for Zack. If Cissnei gave a false name for Zack’s mom, she wouldn’t connect any dots for Cloud, even if she knew about Cissnei beforehand.

    The most likely outcome for Cissnei after the events of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is that she is still searching for zack. Despite Shinra reporting her death, Cissnei believes that her friend is alive. Add in the reports of Cloud, a former SOLDIER who looks like Zack and even uses the Buster Sword, and it’s likely that she has mixed feelings about Zack’s death.

    She could also be considered a loose end by Shinra and maybe concealment of the corporation for fear of being persecuted. She could easily have changed her name and disappeared to stay alive. Unfortunately, we don’t officially know what happens to Cissnei during Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and beyond, so this is all speculation.

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