What does taking the free potion do in Crisis Core?



    As you progress through Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you will come across a lot in the Shinra building. This location is full of NPCs, including a lady who offers you a free potion at the entrance. This may leave you wondering what Lady Shinra’s free potion does in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    If you take the free potion from lady Shinra in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you will have your HP, MP and AP restored fill, complete You will also win the Raise condition. Since the potion is free, there is no harm in taking it.

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    Should you take the free potion in Crisis Core?

    Yes, you should definitely take the free potion from the lady at the entrance of the Shinra building. It’s great for restoring your stats, but the main thing that makes it worth it is the raise status. Like a Phoenix Down, this will instantly revive Zack back to full health from him when you get killed.

    You can drink the potion consecutively, but doing so will not stack the effects. So once you’ve used the potion, head to your next quest or story. However, feel free to go back and get a potion in between quests, especially for the more difficult ones.

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